Saturday, October 6, 2012

Recycled Market Store Update

 When the creative juices start flowing there is no stopping me. Bubble's new hair cut has opened a new window and she has had to pose many times (we have discovered remaining still is really hard when you are 4 years old) for all the recycled, fun pretties we have made.

This little piggy went to market you see?

 These piggies have been sitting around as mens bow ties but no one wears them so I decided they needed a new direction in life so i turned them into bow tie hair clips

I can't get enough of recycling zippers and my Zipper Brooch/Hair Clip is the perfect way to get a combo deal for the price of one.

These are by far my new favourite hair accessories, recycled Vinyl Hair Bows

There is now a family of recycled vinyl including earrings, rings and bunting

All of my recycled goodies are available from my Recycled Market store.

What have you created recently?


  1. very cool steph. Great ideas as usual. Are you still doing the Junk Love posts. I am trying to start them up again each Wednesday but we don't seem to have many on the list still doing it.