Wednesday, September 5, 2012

One XL Ladies Dress

Once upon a time this dress use to belong to someone else. For what ever reason it was donated and I decided I wanted it. I liked the print, the soft jersey knit and long sleeves.

The only problem was it was an XL lady's dress. 

The sleeves completely covered my hands and the shoulder seams sat half way down my forearm. 

Plus it was super stretching all over and well... it just didn't sit right on me at all.

 But I was determined to make this dress my own and after a little playing around I managed to come up with 4 different ways to wear my new dress with no sewing, pins or anything else... check it out.

A nice Summery halter top look.

A lovely strapless dress which looks lovely with a light cardigan.

A look at the back.

Keeping the strapless dress as is and matching it with a nice black t-shirt straight over the top.

Lowering the dress to make a long skirt tying the sleeves off to the side.

I am pretty certain there are more ways to wear this dress so hit me with your own ideas or link me up peeps!!

Adios Steph


  1. Wow! You did all this, without sewing! Amazing

  2. Wow, looks amazing you very clever girl!

  3. very proud of u.
    You are so talented
    Catty L

  4. make an "infinity dress". have been meaning to do that...