Friday, September 14, 2012

DIY Wonder Woman Outfit for $4

Do you love it?
This outfit cost me $4 to put together... I kid you not!

My outfit first made an appearance back in March for Bear's 6th birthday party. His chosen theme was super hero's and villains and I knew I was going to be Wonder Woman and Carlos was going to be Darth Vader.

 You may have seen also seen my Wonder Woman outfit during The 21 Challenge

So lets break this down for you.

I visited our local treasure shops and found the perfect blue skirt for $3 and the red t-shirt was in a bargain bin for $1. That's a total of $4 right there.

To complete the transformation I used the following materials which I had lying around:

- red felt
- white felt
- yellow felt
- gold jersey knit
- elastic
- interfacing (optional)
- awesome pair of boots (mine are thrifty leather converse high tops... yep)

The arm bands were made from jersey knit with a star cut from felt. 
I cut the jersey knit to fit my wrist, sewed the star in place then machine sewed the seam closed. No hemming required.

I cut more stars from white felt and randomly sewed them all around the skirt. 

I searched online for a WW stencil and found one which worked for my shirt. 
I used iron on interfacing to strengthen the jersey knit, cut it out and sewed it on the shirt with black thread. 

Wonder Womans headband was just a smaller red felt star sewn on yellow felt which I hand cut to desired shape. I added a thin piece of elastic which is hidden under my hair.

The lasso of truth is a long strip of jersey knit, which as you can see I just threading through the belt loop and tied closed. I cut a thicker strip to make the belt too.

That about sums up the DIY Wonder Woman Outfit.

There is however, this little cutie who helped out the entire time during The 21 Challenge so I whipped up a little outfit for her as well. Isn't she seriously 'Super'?

Oh and this is Darth Vader mackin' on Wonder Woman...

That is all.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

One XL Ladies Dress

Once upon a time this dress use to belong to someone else. For what ever reason it was donated and I decided I wanted it. I liked the print, the soft jersey knit and long sleeves.

The only problem was it was an XL lady's dress. 

The sleeves completely covered my hands and the shoulder seams sat half way down my forearm. 

Plus it was super stretching all over and well... it just didn't sit right on me at all.

 But I was determined to make this dress my own and after a little playing around I managed to come up with 4 different ways to wear my new dress with no sewing, pins or anything else... check it out.

A nice Summery halter top look.

A lovely strapless dress which looks lovely with a light cardigan.

A look at the back.

Keeping the strapless dress as is and matching it with a nice black t-shirt straight over the top.

Lowering the dress to make a long skirt tying the sleeves off to the side.

I am pretty certain there are more ways to wear this dress so hit me with your own ideas or link me up peeps!!

Adios Steph