Thursday, May 17, 2012

Harem pants for Bubble

I do spend a little time over on Pinterest. My boards are pretty varied. 

I have one board in particular which my friend Tina and I share together. Our board is not limited to crafts but just things we both enjoy OR think the other will enjoy. It's quite funny the number of times we have pinned something only to find the other has the pattern or has already made it.

Tina and I live in different states and don't get to craft together so our board also helps inspire us.

I pinned this and Tina pretty much ordered me to make a pair for Bubble. So I called past the tutorial here and with a a few adjustments whipped up a pair.

I love them! 

That belly is asking for a raspberry!! 

Perfect and snug.


  1. You just "whipped" up a pair!!!! OMG you have come a long way hun! <3