Monday, May 14, 2012

A beautiful baby girl

 This time last week I was in owe of just how amazing a woman's body is and how we are able to birth something the size of a watermelon. I had the very special and unique opportunity to watch my girlfriend, Tina give birth to her 3rd and last baby girl. 

Tina had told me just under 9mths ago that she was expecting again and that she wanted me at the birth of her baby no matter what, rain hail or shine, fingers crossed and all that jazz for emotional support. The only problem is we don't live anywhere near each other. 

We don't even live in the same state but when it's meant to be the stars will align.

Last week she was told she would be induced due to "medical stuff"and we made arrangements on the spot. I was on the night train to Melbourne from Sydney to be at the birth of Tina's baby. 

I have only given birth to my own 3 children and have never seen it from the other side so to speak.
It is an experience I feel privilege to have been asked to share. Watching Tina and her husband Dan calmly give birth was messy, mind-blowing and magical. 

They named her Anja (pronounced Anya). She was so quiet and happy after arriving that she didn't even cry. It wasn't until she was getting checked by the midwives did we hear a funny little squeak which made us all laugh. 

She latched on to feed straight away which was so beautiful to witness.  

I know I won't see this little face again as it has already changed so much in a week but I will see her again and her 2 older sisters soon enough. 

Tina you are an amazing woman. Thank you from the bottom of heart for sharing this chapter of your lives with me. 

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  1. Scary, thrilling, amazing, awestruck, so many words to describe such a magical moment. You are so lucky to have been part of it :) And Tina is very blessed to have your support
    Love you both!!! xoxoxo