Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wonder Woman will sew 21 Duckies

Armed with a sewing machine, DIY Wonder Woman outfit, vintage and recycled materials I, Wonder Woman will sew a duck softie each day for 21 days during The 21 Challenge

The 21st of June is the longest night in the Southern Hemisphere and being winter it's even more difficult for homeless young Australians. The 21 Challenge is my chance to do something for 21 days to raise money for at-risk and homeless young people.

After our own experience with homelessness we are passionate about helping others affected in anyway we can. We are all brothers and sisters after all. Not only will I be raising money but I will also have 21 ducks who will need 21 pairs of arms to snuggle them.

You can pledge an amount big or small on my profile page where I will be up loading photos daily of the completed ducks. If you truly enjoy what I am creating I hope I can count on your support.

At the end of the challenge each duck will be given to a child experiencing homelessness on behalf of our not for profit organisation The TreeHouse

Funnily enough the first 4 ducks hot of the press will be heading with me to the Sydney Homeless Connect on Tuesday. I have volunteered my time to be a chaperone for the day. I will also be looking for 4 children in need of a new snuggle toy. 

I have added an album on my Over It! facebook page which will also show you all the photos over the next 21 days so check it out right HERE. I am also on instagram just search @overitdesigns too!!

Moo, Bear and Bubble (plus Carlos of course) think it's pretty fun when their mummy dresses up so I am more than happy to add an element which will make them happy every single day guaranteed.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Harem pants for Bubble

I do spend a little time over on Pinterest. My boards are pretty varied. 

I have one board in particular which my friend Tina and I share together. Our board is not limited to crafts but just things we both enjoy OR think the other will enjoy. It's quite funny the number of times we have pinned something only to find the other has the pattern or has already made it.

Tina and I live in different states and don't get to craft together so our board also helps inspire us.

I pinned this and Tina pretty much ordered me to make a pair for Bubble. So I called past the tutorial here and with a a few adjustments whipped up a pair.

I love them! 

That belly is asking for a raspberry!! 

Perfect and snug.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I have a confession...

I have a confession to make.
I have a shoe fetish.
Not just any kind of shoe fetish though...

Converse All Stars to be exact. 

- heart brooch by harrysdesk made from recycled men's ties -

It all started with a love of high tops. Only problem was I didn't have the funds at the time to buy me a brand spanking new pair. So I put some sweet vibes out into the universe.

She heard me loud and clear.

I bought my first pair of brand new tan high tops from my local treasure shop for...

...wait for it...


That was the beginning and I never looked at buying a pair of cons new again.

The best part about it is my kids think its pretty fun to change the colour of your shoes and have a few of their own cons to play around with.

So what's your treasure shop addiction?

Monday, May 14, 2012

A beautiful baby girl

 This time last week I was in owe of just how amazing a woman's body is and how we are able to birth something the size of a watermelon. I had the very special and unique opportunity to watch my girlfriend, Tina give birth to her 3rd and last baby girl. 

Tina had told me just under 9mths ago that she was expecting again and that she wanted me at the birth of her baby no matter what, rain hail or shine, fingers crossed and all that jazz for emotional support. The only problem is we don't live anywhere near each other. 

We don't even live in the same state but when it's meant to be the stars will align.

Last week she was told she would be induced due to "medical stuff"and we made arrangements on the spot. I was on the night train to Melbourne from Sydney to be at the birth of Tina's baby. 

I have only given birth to my own 3 children and have never seen it from the other side so to speak.
It is an experience I feel privilege to have been asked to share. Watching Tina and her husband Dan calmly give birth was messy, mind-blowing and magical. 

They named her Anja (pronounced Anya). She was so quiet and happy after arriving that she didn't even cry. It wasn't until she was getting checked by the midwives did we hear a funny little squeak which made us all laugh. 

She latched on to feed straight away which was so beautiful to witness.  

I know I won't see this little face again as it has already changed so much in a week but I will see her again and her 2 older sisters soon enough. 

Tina you are an amazing woman. Thank you from the bottom of heart for sharing this chapter of your lives with me. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Power to the Peaceful

I decided to give the photo challenge hosted by Fat Mum Slim a try this month. I can't wait to see the collection of photos I have at the end of the month.