Sunday, April 22, 2012

DIY Felt Dread Falls Tutorial.

Back in 2009 I blogged about wanting to try my hand at making dread falls. I had done the research and purchased some purple, brown and lime wool roving with the plan to make some.

Fast forward 3 years and I still hadn't made them until I randomly decided to make some using some wool roving a friend bought me to go with a needle felting kit.

During the last school holidays Moo and I added dread falls to our hair. This is how my hair looked part way through the process of adding them.

Below I put together the steps I took to make my dread falls and how I put then in... No use making them and not showing them off.

This is wool roving (also known as silver and tops). This is how it looks like before it is spun into the wool we use to knit and crochet with.

You will need the following supplies to help make your dreads.

- Wool roving which you can purchase from most craft stores in the needle felt supply section.
- Warm water.
- Detergent. I actually used a small amount of our eco clothes washing liquid.
- Large dish to hold water.
- 2 towels
- A bright sunny day

Step 1. Make long strips of roving which should be double your own hair length by pulling the fibres apart gently.

Step 2. Pour warm water into a large bowl adding some detergent and swishing it around making some bubbles. We are not trying to make a Bubble bath though ok?!

Step 3. Place one length of roving in the large bowl of warm water and let it soak for a few minutes gyrating the water occasionally.

Step 4. Taking one end of the roving length begin to rub the wool in the palms of your hands just like making a long worm from play dough squeezing the water out as you go.

Step 5. After rubbing the wool along the entire length go back and do it again. This binds the fibres of wool together eventually resulting in a dread fall. Set these aside one at a time until you have the number of wool lengths you require.

Step 6. You are nearly finished... Place all the wool lengths together in the bowl of warm water gyrating them one last time. (You can't place all them together in Step 3. because the fibres will start joining each other and you'll end up with a big mess).

Step 7. Roll the new dread falls back and forth one at a time along the towel. This removes as much of the moisture as possible and also sets the fibres.

Step 8. Hang them on the line to dry.
Mine were dry within a few hours and ready to be put into my hair.

Now there is no use in having all these new colourful dread falls unless you know who to add them to your hair so here we go...

Grab a small section of hair dividing it in two. Find the middle of your dread fall by folding it in half and placing it at the top between the 2 sections of hair. Now all you have to do is plait the 3 sections together and tie them off.

If you are doing this by yourself it's going to take a bit of practise. I held my dread in place using my teeth as it was faster but you can ask someone to hold it in place or use a clip.

This is what you'll end up with. Half the dread plaited into the hair and the other half left as is.

Go nuts and create the perfect hair style which expressive your creativeness, colour and love of life!!


  1. WoW....what BEAUTIFUL girls! Great tute...looks like something fun to do this Summer!! xoxoxo miss you!

  2. Goodness Moo is a gorgeous girl!!

  3. that is completely amazing i wish i had the ability to do that, i couldnt do it by myself. congrats to u 2!! and Moo is best model ever!!!kisses
    Cate B.