Friday, April 13, 2012

Buttons of Friendship

Hello blog world.

Where have you been? I know you have been right here because I have been reading all my friends blogs which fill me with warmth and familiar faces.

So this post is for you blog land...
Something very special between a mother and daughter. Something not possible without the gift of a cookie tin filled with buttons. You know the one already... Grandmas button tin which you would delight in running your fingers though, threading and sorting all those buttons when you were tiny.

Moo went through her Greatgrandmother's button tin and pulled out 3 buttons which matched. we turned those buttons into friendship bands/anklets after finding this pin.

Not to be left out Bubble choose her own button and thread for a bracelet. I wonder if my Grandmother, who is no longer with us, ever thought that her great granddaughters would be using the buttons she rescued... I wonder if I should start a button tin of my very own to pass onto my great-grandchildren?


  1. Gorgeous chickie, just like you! xo

  2. I think that would be a lovely tradition to carry on Steph x

  3. I know when kylie started scrapbooking I gave her some beautiful buttons from my mums button jars and I still occassionally open the jars and wonder what clothing some of the really old ones came from

  4. cute! was my Nonna's button tin that inspired me to collect and sell buttons!

  5. yes! Button tins are a MUST. Go hunting the op shops for that perfect tin, and start it today:)

  6. hello friend!! Love button bracelets...and because these are extra special...I love them MORE!!! xo