Sunday, April 15, 2012

ABCD Meetup April 2012

The ABCD (Artists + Bloggers + Crafters + Designers) Meetup is the perfect chance for Australian art, design and craft bloggers to get out from behind their computers and meet face-to-face at a casual quarterly get-together.

I have been attending the Sydney meet ups organised by Steph from Bondville and Lisa from The Red Thread for the past year and it is always a treat. It's great to hear where people are at with their businesses ventures, craft and family experiences. Meeting new creatives is always inspiring and you just never know what you or they might share on the day.

One of the special things we get to come home with is the ever changing, always amazing goodie bag. So I thought while I had sometimes this morning I would share what goodies were inside. Actually I didn't have much a of a choice because the kids wanted to sit down and enjoy the cookies with some milk...

Handmade biscuit.

Jelly Bellies which Carlos has claimed.

Handmade cookie.

Cookies to enjoy with a cup of tea (or a glass of milk)

Vanilla and custard drops.

Michelle - Me & We
Handmade brooch and baggie.


Buttons of friendship bracelet made from vintage buttons and a special button tin.

Pat and Stick's Homemade ice cream co. which we ate during the evening as it would have melted in our goodie bags hehe.

Crochet/button hair pin.

Amy - Badskirt
Silk screened fabric.

Paper garland.

Handmade fabric key ring.

Gift tag and wedding card.

Screen printed fabric.

3 blank gift cards.

Little Originals.

Denise - grrl + dog
Magnet, paper/material ornament, postcard but you really must check out Denise's knitted pink hair .

Card and fabric sample.

Blank card and gift tag.

Robyn - Posh Nosh
Homemade lemon butter.

Andrea - Andrea Smith
Beautiful lion print.

Saffron - Saffron Craig
Dog softy panel from her shop.

This morning for morning tea I tried my best to quarter all the cookies. We sat outside in the sun and gobbled them all up with cups of milk and a cup of tea.

If you would like to come along to the next meet up I would head over to Facebook and like the ABCD Meetup page or you can sign up to the mailing list via Steph's blog here.

Now I am off to check out all the wonderful blogs and sites of friends would you care to join me?

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  1. What a bounteous goody bag!
    I'd love to make it to an ADCB day one day : )