Saturday, March 10, 2012

DIY brooch and earring display tutorial

It's time to turn our house into a home.

We have busy unpacking, setting up our studio and finding familiar routines again. Oh how much I missed our routine. The kids rooms look great and we have managed to find simple storage solutions for their toys and clothes. It took some shuffling around a few times before we found the best set up for their rooms but it's all done now and they can play to their hearts content.

This means that I can finally do a few DIY organisational projects in my room and around the house.

I have put together a tutorial on how to make your own display frame for your brooches. My inspiration came from Epheriell and her post 10 pretty ways to display your necklaces.

My 3 kids never miss an opportunity to goof off in front of the camera. This is also a more interesting photo than an air con unit.

First I needed to find a frame that was going to be town out.

Turns out we were getting a new air con installed and the old one was being ripped out along with the frame around it which was the perfect opportunity to do some rescuing.

The frame came off in 4 pieces which I liquid nailed back together. Once it was dried I re-enforced it with nails in each corner. Then Bubble and I sanded it down as there were a few layers of paint.

Next it was time to paint the frame.
We did one coat using some white house paint we had stashed away.

We let it dry for 24 hours.

Then had some fun in the sun.

For the insert I used a think layer of felt which I cut to size along with some left over bed sheet material from another project. I pinned the sheet to the felt and sewed down the white lines to give the insert some depth and detail.

(Initially i was going to cover the felt with a big doily but I didn't have one big enough).

Next I tacked the insert in place ready to hammer in thumb tacks in permanently.

Hey presto I have a new DIY display frame for my brooches. Bubble helped me pin them on and we still have another box labeled 'Steph's dresser' to go through.

Don't they look just wonderful.
Each brooch is a mini art work and should always be on display!

Of course now that my brooches were organised I felt I needed to organise and display my earrings on more than a stripe of ribbon.

A round table cloth doily and an embroidery hoop is all I needed for this project which was inspired by The Haby Goddess and her post dyed doily embroidery hoop.

All I need now is a way to organise my rings... any ideas?

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  1. Totally love it! So easy and looks awesome! Going to share this post for sure! N x