Tuesday, November 20, 2012

All MooBear Tees $35


We're jumping for joy here at MooBear HQ because we've just launched our new website!

To celebrate, all of our Tees are now only $35 plus we will send them to you free of charge!

That means you can save up to $20 off RRP but you won't find this offer anywhere other than our shop on our new website.

This is a special limited offer just in time for Christmas and the warmer weather.

So... What are you waiting for?

We had a photo shoot over the weekend which everyone was excited to take part in. 

Bubble hasn't been photographed since she was a wee baby and was super excited to show off her very own Galoomph design. 

Bear delivered on the action shots just like the fire cracker that he is. Never a dull moment when it comes to kids fashion photography. We also managed to sneak a couple of candid shots of Moo, Bear and Bubble.

For more MooBear action head on over to our website and take advantage of our SALE. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Peppermint Mag Love

I buy my Peppermint religiously. It's great to read and really enjoy a magazine with substance. Everything from musical interviews to crafty adventures, sustainable living to chemical free kids products. To be honest it feels like it is solely written with my little eco family in mind and I am pretty sure I am not the only person who feels this way!

It's always a nice surprise to find MooBear between the pages of Peppermint. This is from issue 11 / Winter 2011. 
You can find Bear's Rar! in our shop. 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Recycled Market Store Update

 When the creative juices start flowing there is no stopping me. Bubble's new hair cut has opened a new window and she has had to pose many times (we have discovered remaining still is really hard when you are 4 years old) for all the recycled, fun pretties we have made.

This little piggy went to market you see?

 These piggies have been sitting around as mens bow ties but no one wears them so I decided they needed a new direction in life so i turned them into bow tie hair clips

I can't get enough of recycling zippers and my Zipper Brooch/Hair Clip is the perfect way to get a combo deal for the price of one.

These are by far my new favourite hair accessories, recycled Vinyl Hair Bows

There is now a family of recycled vinyl including earrings, rings and bunting

All of my recycled goodies are available from my Recycled Market store.

What have you created recently?

Friday, September 14, 2012

DIY Wonder Woman Outfit for $4

Do you love it?
This outfit cost me $4 to put together... I kid you not!

My outfit first made an appearance back in March for Bear's 6th birthday party. His chosen theme was super hero's and villains and I knew I was going to be Wonder Woman and Carlos was going to be Darth Vader.

 You may have seen also seen my Wonder Woman outfit during The 21 Challenge

So lets break this down for you.

I visited our local treasure shops and found the perfect blue skirt for $3 and the red t-shirt was in a bargain bin for $1. That's a total of $4 right there.

To complete the transformation I used the following materials which I had lying around:

- red felt
- white felt
- yellow felt
- gold jersey knit
- elastic
- interfacing (optional)
- awesome pair of boots (mine are thrifty leather converse high tops... yep)

The arm bands were made from jersey knit with a star cut from felt. 
I cut the jersey knit to fit my wrist, sewed the star in place then machine sewed the seam closed. No hemming required.

I cut more stars from white felt and randomly sewed them all around the skirt. 

I searched online for a WW stencil and found one which worked for my shirt. 
I used iron on interfacing to strengthen the jersey knit, cut it out and sewed it on the shirt with black thread. 

Wonder Womans headband was just a smaller red felt star sewn on yellow felt which I hand cut to desired shape. I added a thin piece of elastic which is hidden under my hair.

The lasso of truth is a long strip of jersey knit, which as you can see I just threading through the belt loop and tied closed. I cut a thicker strip to make the belt too.

That about sums up the DIY Wonder Woman Outfit.

There is however, this little cutie who helped out the entire time during The 21 Challenge so I whipped up a little outfit for her as well. Isn't she seriously 'Super'?

Oh and this is Darth Vader mackin' on Wonder Woman...

That is all.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

One XL Ladies Dress

Once upon a time this dress use to belong to someone else. For what ever reason it was donated and I decided I wanted it. I liked the print, the soft jersey knit and long sleeves.

The only problem was it was an XL lady's dress. 

The sleeves completely covered my hands and the shoulder seams sat half way down my forearm. 

Plus it was super stretching all over and well... it just didn't sit right on me at all.

 But I was determined to make this dress my own and after a little playing around I managed to come up with 4 different ways to wear my new dress with no sewing, pins or anything else... check it out.

A nice Summery halter top look.

A lovely strapless dress which looks lovely with a light cardigan.

A look at the back.

Keeping the strapless dress as is and matching it with a nice black t-shirt straight over the top.

Lowering the dress to make a long skirt tying the sleeves off to the side.

I am pretty certain there are more ways to wear this dress so hit me with your own ideas or link me up peeps!!

Adios Steph

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fixing Bubble's Boot

While I was out and about treasure shopping one day I spied the cutest pair of Country Road girls boots for $2. They looked the perfect size for Bubble and were all warm and fluffy inside... See?

She was so excited when I showed her, eager to try them on. Until we noticed the zipper was broken. Now her heart was broken. I felt horrible... Why didn't I thoroughly check them over?

So they sat at the bottom of the wardrobe for a few weeks until I had a dream. I had sewn the zipper shut. It was that simple and because the boots had laces no one would ever know.

I felt the excitement building knowing that Bubble would have her pair of boots once again...

...Only this time she could wear them.

So the next time you break something or buy a faulty item like I did hold onto it for a little longer because a solution might just present it's self.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Yarn Bombing

These are officially my first ever yarn bombing and they were a lot of fun.

What started out as a sore ankle quickly turned into a very painful 'full thickness tear' of a ligament... OUCH. So when Carlos bought home hired crutches for me I immediately knew if I was going to use them I would have to make them my own. Luckily when I learnt to crochet I kept the test squares before i made Bubble's blanket in the hopes that I would eventually use them. Well they found the perfect use and got some wonderful comments.

Happy to say I know more about ligaments and tendons than I thought possible and that my ankle is a lot better so no more yarn bombed crutches for me. I might return them as is and see if they bring a smile to the next person who hires them... What do you think?

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wonder Woman will sew 21 Duckies

Armed with a sewing machine, DIY Wonder Woman outfit, vintage and recycled materials I, Wonder Woman will sew a duck softie each day for 21 days during The 21 Challenge

The 21st of June is the longest night in the Southern Hemisphere and being winter it's even more difficult for homeless young Australians. The 21 Challenge is my chance to do something for 21 days to raise money for at-risk and homeless young people.

After our own experience with homelessness we are passionate about helping others affected in anyway we can. We are all brothers and sisters after all. Not only will I be raising money but I will also have 21 ducks who will need 21 pairs of arms to snuggle them.

You can pledge an amount big or small on my profile page where I will be up loading photos daily of the completed ducks. If you truly enjoy what I am creating I hope I can count on your support.

At the end of the challenge each duck will be given to a child experiencing homelessness on behalf of our not for profit organisation The TreeHouse

Funnily enough the first 4 ducks hot of the press will be heading with me to the Sydney Homeless Connect on Tuesday. I have volunteered my time to be a chaperone for the day. I will also be looking for 4 children in need of a new snuggle toy. 

I have added an album on my Over It! facebook page which will also show you all the photos over the next 21 days so check it out right HERE. I am also on instagram just search @overitdesigns too!!

Moo, Bear and Bubble (plus Carlos of course) think it's pretty fun when their mummy dresses up so I am more than happy to add an element which will make them happy every single day guaranteed.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Harem pants for Bubble

I do spend a little time over on Pinterest. My boards are pretty varied. 

I have one board in particular which my friend Tina and I share together. Our board is not limited to crafts but just things we both enjoy OR think the other will enjoy. It's quite funny the number of times we have pinned something only to find the other has the pattern or has already made it.

Tina and I live in different states and don't get to craft together so our board also helps inspire us.

I pinned this and Tina pretty much ordered me to make a pair for Bubble. So I called past the tutorial here and with a a few adjustments whipped up a pair.

I love them! 

That belly is asking for a raspberry!! 

Perfect and snug.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I have a confession...

I have a confession to make.
I have a shoe fetish.
Not just any kind of shoe fetish though...

Converse All Stars to be exact. 

- heart brooch by harrysdesk made from recycled men's ties -

It all started with a love of high tops. Only problem was I didn't have the funds at the time to buy me a brand spanking new pair. So I put some sweet vibes out into the universe.

She heard me loud and clear.

I bought my first pair of brand new tan high tops from my local treasure shop for...

...wait for it...


That was the beginning and I never looked at buying a pair of cons new again.

The best part about it is my kids think its pretty fun to change the colour of your shoes and have a few of their own cons to play around with.

So what's your treasure shop addiction?

Monday, May 14, 2012

A beautiful baby girl

 This time last week I was in owe of just how amazing a woman's body is and how we are able to birth something the size of a watermelon. I had the very special and unique opportunity to watch my girlfriend, Tina give birth to her 3rd and last baby girl. 

Tina had told me just under 9mths ago that she was expecting again and that she wanted me at the birth of her baby no matter what, rain hail or shine, fingers crossed and all that jazz for emotional support. The only problem is we don't live anywhere near each other. 

We don't even live in the same state but when it's meant to be the stars will align.

Last week she was told she would be induced due to "medical stuff"and we made arrangements on the spot. I was on the night train to Melbourne from Sydney to be at the birth of Tina's baby. 

I have only given birth to my own 3 children and have never seen it from the other side so to speak.
It is an experience I feel privilege to have been asked to share. Watching Tina and her husband Dan calmly give birth was messy, mind-blowing and magical. 

They named her Anja (pronounced Anya). She was so quiet and happy after arriving that she didn't even cry. It wasn't until she was getting checked by the midwives did we hear a funny little squeak which made us all laugh. 

She latched on to feed straight away which was so beautiful to witness.  

I know I won't see this little face again as it has already changed so much in a week but I will see her again and her 2 older sisters soon enough. 

Tina you are an amazing woman. Thank you from the bottom of heart for sharing this chapter of your lives with me. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Power to the Peaceful

I decided to give the photo challenge hosted by Fat Mum Slim a try this month. I can't wait to see the collection of photos I have at the end of the month.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

DIY Felt Dread Falls Tutorial.

Back in 2009 I blogged about wanting to try my hand at making dread falls. I had done the research and purchased some purple, brown and lime wool roving with the plan to make some.

Fast forward 3 years and I still hadn't made them until I randomly decided to make some using some wool roving a friend bought me to go with a needle felting kit.

During the last school holidays Moo and I added dread falls to our hair. This is how my hair looked part way through the process of adding them.

Below I put together the steps I took to make my dread falls and how I put then in... No use making them and not showing them off.

This is wool roving (also known as silver and tops). This is how it looks like before it is spun into the wool we use to knit and crochet with.

You will need the following supplies to help make your dreads.

- Wool roving which you can purchase from most craft stores in the needle felt supply section.
- Warm water.
- Detergent. I actually used a small amount of our eco clothes washing liquid.
- Large dish to hold water.
- 2 towels
- A bright sunny day

Step 1. Make long strips of roving which should be double your own hair length by pulling the fibres apart gently.

Step 2. Pour warm water into a large bowl adding some detergent and swishing it around making some bubbles. We are not trying to make a Bubble bath though ok?!

Step 3. Place one length of roving in the large bowl of warm water and let it soak for a few minutes gyrating the water occasionally.

Step 4. Taking one end of the roving length begin to rub the wool in the palms of your hands just like making a long worm from play dough squeezing the water out as you go.

Step 5. After rubbing the wool along the entire length go back and do it again. This binds the fibres of wool together eventually resulting in a dread fall. Set these aside one at a time until you have the number of wool lengths you require.

Step 6. You are nearly finished... Place all the wool lengths together in the bowl of warm water gyrating them one last time. (You can't place all them together in Step 3. because the fibres will start joining each other and you'll end up with a big mess).

Step 7. Roll the new dread falls back and forth one at a time along the towel. This removes as much of the moisture as possible and also sets the fibres.

Step 8. Hang them on the line to dry.
Mine were dry within a few hours and ready to be put into my hair.

Now there is no use in having all these new colourful dread falls unless you know who to add them to your hair so here we go...

Grab a small section of hair dividing it in two. Find the middle of your dread fall by folding it in half and placing it at the top between the 2 sections of hair. Now all you have to do is plait the 3 sections together and tie them off.

If you are doing this by yourself it's going to take a bit of practise. I held my dread in place using my teeth as it was faster but you can ask someone to hold it in place or use a clip.

This is what you'll end up with. Half the dread plaited into the hair and the other half left as is.

Go nuts and create the perfect hair style which expressive your creativeness, colour and love of life!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

ABCD Meetup April 2012

The ABCD (Artists + Bloggers + Crafters + Designers) Meetup is the perfect chance for Australian art, design and craft bloggers to get out from behind their computers and meet face-to-face at a casual quarterly get-together.

I have been attending the Sydney meet ups organised by Steph from Bondville and Lisa from The Red Thread for the past year and it is always a treat. It's great to hear where people are at with their businesses ventures, craft and family experiences. Meeting new creatives is always inspiring and you just never know what you or they might share on the day.

One of the special things we get to come home with is the ever changing, always amazing goodie bag. So I thought while I had sometimes this morning I would share what goodies were inside. Actually I didn't have much a of a choice because the kids wanted to sit down and enjoy the cookies with some milk...

Handmade biscuit.

Jelly Bellies which Carlos has claimed.

Handmade cookie.

Cookies to enjoy with a cup of tea (or a glass of milk)

Vanilla and custard drops.

Michelle - Me & We
Handmade brooch and baggie.


Buttons of friendship bracelet made from vintage buttons and a special button tin.

Pat and Stick's Homemade ice cream co. which we ate during the evening as it would have melted in our goodie bags hehe.

Crochet/button hair pin.

Amy - Badskirt
Silk screened fabric.

Paper garland.

Handmade fabric key ring.

Gift tag and wedding card.

Screen printed fabric.

3 blank gift cards.

Little Originals.

Denise - grrl + dog
Magnet, paper/material ornament, postcard but you really must check out Denise's knitted pink hair .

Card and fabric sample.

Blank card and gift tag.

Robyn - Posh Nosh
Homemade lemon butter.

Andrea - Andrea Smith
Beautiful lion print.

Saffron - Saffron Craig
Dog softy panel from her shop.

This morning for morning tea I tried my best to quarter all the cookies. We sat outside in the sun and gobbled them all up with cups of milk and a cup of tea.

If you would like to come along to the next meet up I would head over to Facebook and like the ABCD Meetup page or you can sign up to the mailing list via Steph's blog here.

Now I am off to check out all the wonderful blogs and sites of friends would you care to join me?