Sunday, October 23, 2011

Our trip to Ecuador

Isn't this a great family photo?

It is one of a very few we have from the last 12months where we are all just so happy. One silly comment about boobies and we were all in hysterics.

On this day we were being interviewed about our very serious story and struggle with homelessness. The story covers the statistics of families experiencing the same crisis as us.

We were left homeless through absolutely no fault of our own. We were simply evicted from our rental property 1 year after we moved in because the owner decided she wanted to live there instead.

Bear sitting in the stair well of the hotel we lived in one of our favourite photos

We always had a beautiful light shining for the end of this year. My father in-law gifted our family of 5 and Carlos' two younger brothers, tickets to visit our family back in Ecuador. We were going to spend 8 weeks overseas. Something we have wanted to but have never been able due to other commitments.

We were going to spend Christmas and New Years with the family that would embrace us, laugh and cry with us, sing and dance with us, share stories between us. Can you imagine all the love we would have had surrounding us? Love that we so longed for through the storm we managed to weather as a family.

Carlos and Bubble smiling through the hard times after her operation in July.

Since going through Bubble's operation and being homeless, the trip was the one good thing we had to look forward to. All our family back home in Ecuador were up during the night while Bubble was having her operation and they were very much a part of the love and energy that got us through some of the harder days.

Moo, Bubble and Bear a few days after Bubble's operation when her eyes finally opened.

Can you sense I am avoiding something... Once I say it it becomes real. It seems the light has well and truly faded. Believe me we tried to keep it alight right till the very last kindle but sometimes you just have to surrender to the inevitable.

We are not going to Ecuador on the 14th November 2011.

There are so many factors stopping us at this stage. Homelessness has been the biggest drain emotionally, physically, spiritually and ultimately financially.

It's only been the last couple of days that the decision was made. We have passports organised but it was the expense of our shots to go overseas that we didn't expect.

We came so close, it was in arms reach. We had so many family and friends saying 'You have to go... you can't come this far and not go!' But we can and we have.

On a brighter note, as defeated as we may feel at times, we are looking at this as a re-scheduling of our plans and have decided that we will still travel within the next 2 or so years once everything is back in it's place and we are once again in full control of our lives.

From this devastating heartbreak comes a little hope. We have another opportunity to focus on the commitments we made moving to the Central Coast. We will be moving into another home close to where we are at the moment. Moo and Bear really like their school which is a massive incentive to stay here while we can. This year they have attended 3 different schools.

We'll also be able to relaunch MooBear Designs which we have missed working on so so much. We have had new designs waiting to come to life before all this craziness occured.

Carlos will be able to get creative again with Analog Transmission as well as his own album as cdot on his label neuromantra. Actually would you believe that he finished recording his album while we were in crisis?! Funny how things work out.

Last but not least Carlos and I are dedicated to a very special cause. I mentioned back at the beginning of all of this that we would stand up and be the voice of family homelessness. In response to a very immediate need we have started working on The TreeHouse.

What is The TreeHouse? A not-for-profit organisation to help ease the stress and trauma for families experiencing or facing homelessness, to stop families from losing their sense of identity and to assist with the healing process.

Enjoying Abuelo's back yard and some freedom recently

We're determined to use our experience to help others and make a difference.
To everyone who has supported us through our story we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I have no words left and I want to finish this blog post which has taken days for me to work up the courage to write. It was the easiest way for me to tell everyone at the same time rather than reliving those feelings over and over again.

Much love and light
Steph, Carlos, Moo, Bear and Bubble.