Friday, September 23, 2011

Teeny Tiny Bedroom...

Moo came home from school with an assignment which involved creating a miniature, to scale bedroom in the theme of her choice using only recycled materials. She was given a budget of $20, 000.

I think we can rise to the challenge. Moo chose the theme 'handmade' so everything in her room was either hand made or custom made for her bed room. Right down to the purple carpet imported from Switzerland.

The fabric off cuts were all from Sophie.

Using cardboard with toilet roll legs we made a bed. I also found some left over wool to make Moo's crocheted blanket match her real one.

More cardboard and fabric for the table. A clear ice-cream tester cup with toilet roll for a swivel chair. Pasta lid and foil for a mirror. Berocca box wardrobe. Panodol box for toy shelf.

Are you impressed?

We even put shelves in the wardrobe so Moo decided to cut up tiny pieces of clothing from scrap felt.

One night I had a brilliant idea to make a fish tank using a small stamp container, the label from the packaging which happened to be blue, felt and fabric.

Isn't it just freaking adorable?!

Arial shot...

Moo changed the room around over and over again. We made some bunting, a couch from a watch box and a wall mounted TV.

Bubble also had a ball re arranging the room while Moo was at school. Truth be known I did too.

I wanted to thank the handmade companies who helped us bring this room to life.

I want to see what the rest of the house will look like now...


  1. Wow, it's great! This is the kind of project I would have loved as a kid. (Ok, I still love it even now.)

  2. aww so cute! i just loved doing that sort of thing when i was a kid!! i'd still like it now too i reckon :) well done moo!

  3. SO impressed! My favourite piece is that teeny tiny round cushion - totally adorable. Well done you two!

  4. Super duper cute!! Interior design in someone's future maybe? ;)

  5. Her imagination and TALENT always blows me away!! I want to LIVE in that room it is sooooo awesome!! :D Great job Moo!! xo

    P.S. I've been having issues with commenting on some won't sign me in, so instead of being "anonymous" I sign in under name/URL...hope it is working ok!!