Monday, September 26, 2011

Design Your Own Monster.

Sometimes the only way for me to get my craft on at home is to teach my kids something at the same time. So one day I laid out a white sheet on the floor and placed all the materials we needed in the centre.

The kids were immediately interested. They each designed their very own monster on paper and then we went through choosing the materials, buttons, felt and fabric from Sophie on the floor.

Moo's monster is on the left. She did all her tracing, cutting, hand sewing and some machine sewing. I love that she took the initiative and gave it a go. She learnt some new techniques and also some that she won't use again too soon.

Bubble's is in the middle. She helped with cutting the fabric and did an awesome job of hand sewing the felt and buttons on. I was incredibly impressed with her patience. She also enjoyed shoving the poly fill into her monster.

Bears is on the end. Don't you just love it?! He hand sewed the felt eyes and I did the buttons. He added the fangs and had so much fun with the polly fill that it looked like ski season at Thredbo.

The most important part which they all did themselves was to sew the final stuffing seam closed and cut the final thread.

The original drawing and the final creations...


  1. Fabulous!!! How patient are you sewing, turning and stuffing Bubble's monsters legs!! I would have given up for sure (sofite making is not my favourite!!) You are such a cool mum!

  2. Very cute. Love that Bubble added so, so many legs!