Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Crocheting to my hearts content...

Remember Bubble's crochet blanket? I managed to finish it before she went to hospital. Most of it was done of an evening and during the commute to and from school in the morning and afternoon.

While we were hospital I continued working on another massive granny square blanket for Moo. Hers was made with 12ply wool. It's super chunky, and super cuddly. But boy was it heavy to carry.

Of course I have 3 children and Bear asked me if I was going to make his. I decided I would make smaller granny squares as it makes it a lot easier to carry. He chose 4 colours and I have been crocheting 3 colours per square randomly.

I am absolutely ecstatic that all 3 children will have their very own crocheted rug which their Mummy made for them.
I love making memories, especially ones which continue to follow them through life.

This pile has since tripled.

I am not too sure what colour I am going to join the squares in or how I will join them as crocheting is still very new to me. If you have any suggestions... or just a random comment it will all be very appreciated.

What has been your most recent memory maker?


  1. WOW girly..your heart is FULL of contentment!! They all look fabulous...if I had to choose one, it would be Bear's...GREAT color choices!! My most recent memory maker is doing an ice skating themed party for Ms. Priss...thankfully it is over and I am on to making some new ones!! xoxoxox

  2. So special, and they look awesome. It's a trade off--huge, bulky project to carry around, or a million loose ends to tuck in. :) Enjoy!