Friday, September 30, 2011

Who Has HATtitude...

The ever so lovely Sandrine sent Bubble a hat after her operation.

Bubble wont leave the house with out her hat and if I forget to pack it she gets really cranky with me. Sandrine's hats are made with a touch of lace and pretty vintage cotton lining making them fully reversible and a cool light weight material for wearing.

I was even more ecstatic when I received my very own hat in the mail.
Thank you again and again Sandy!!

Don't forget to call past her ETSY shop Sandrine Marsh Accessories and her Facebook page for early specials and savings.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Chicken...

Bubble turned 3 on Saturday 24th Sept.

As always we snapped her first morning moment shot. I really should make a collection of them for each child. It is my Motherly duty as they are just hilarious.

We took her out for a family picnic in the park... But not just any park.
We took her to Australia's most spectacular free kids play ground at Sydney's Darling Quarter.

This is part of the water play feature which is going to be packed in Summer. I can tell you I would rather take them here than to the beach.

They have a flying fox.

This is the magic word for my kids as they have one at their local park too. I personally think they are awesome as well. Bubble had a blast and didn't even fall off.

Bubble even had her our own personal juggler on the day. It really doesn't get much better than that.

The girls scaled the ropes to have a massive slide.
Can you see Bear racing back on the side of the photo? I was yelling at him from the top to go back to Dad before we lost him... lol.

So we give the Darling Quarter Playground a big thumbs up.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Design Your Own Monster.

Sometimes the only way for me to get my craft on at home is to teach my kids something at the same time. So one day I laid out a white sheet on the floor and placed all the materials we needed in the centre.

The kids were immediately interested. They each designed their very own monster on paper and then we went through choosing the materials, buttons, felt and fabric from Sophie on the floor.

Moo's monster is on the left. She did all her tracing, cutting, hand sewing and some machine sewing. I love that she took the initiative and gave it a go. She learnt some new techniques and also some that she won't use again too soon.

Bubble's is in the middle. She helped with cutting the fabric and did an awesome job of hand sewing the felt and buttons on. I was incredibly impressed with her patience. She also enjoyed shoving the poly fill into her monster.

Bears is on the end. Don't you just love it?! He hand sewed the felt eyes and I did the buttons. He added the fangs and had so much fun with the polly fill that it looked like ski season at Thredbo.

The most important part which they all did themselves was to sew the final stuffing seam closed and cut the final thread.

The original drawing and the final creations...

Friday, September 23, 2011

Teeny Tiny Bedroom...

Moo came home from school with an assignment which involved creating a miniature, to scale bedroom in the theme of her choice using only recycled materials. She was given a budget of $20, 000.

I think we can rise to the challenge. Moo chose the theme 'handmade' so everything in her room was either hand made or custom made for her bed room. Right down to the purple carpet imported from Switzerland.

The fabric off cuts were all from Sophie.

Using cardboard with toilet roll legs we made a bed. I also found some left over wool to make Moo's crocheted blanket match her real one.

More cardboard and fabric for the table. A clear ice-cream tester cup with toilet roll for a swivel chair. Pasta lid and foil for a mirror. Berocca box wardrobe. Panodol box for toy shelf.

Are you impressed?

We even put shelves in the wardrobe so Moo decided to cut up tiny pieces of clothing from scrap felt.

One night I had a brilliant idea to make a fish tank using a small stamp container, the label from the packaging which happened to be blue, felt and fabric.

Isn't it just freaking adorable?!

Arial shot...

Moo changed the room around over and over again. We made some bunting, a couch from a watch box and a wall mounted TV.

Bubble also had a ball re arranging the room while Moo was at school. Truth be known I did too.

I wanted to thank the handmade companies who helped us bring this room to life.

I want to see what the rest of the house will look like now...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Crocheting to my hearts content...

Remember Bubble's crochet blanket? I managed to finish it before she went to hospital. Most of it was done of an evening and during the commute to and from school in the morning and afternoon.

While we were hospital I continued working on another massive granny square blanket for Moo. Hers was made with 12ply wool. It's super chunky, and super cuddly. But boy was it heavy to carry.

Of course I have 3 children and Bear asked me if I was going to make his. I decided I would make smaller granny squares as it makes it a lot easier to carry. He chose 4 colours and I have been crocheting 3 colours per square randomly.

I am absolutely ecstatic that all 3 children will have their very own crocheted rug which their Mummy made for them.
I love making memories, especially ones which continue to follow them through life.

This pile has since tripled.

I am not too sure what colour I am going to join the squares in or how I will join them as crocheting is still very new to me. If you have any suggestions... or just a random comment it will all be very appreciated.

What has been your most recent memory maker?

Monday, September 12, 2011