Sunday, July 10, 2011

ABCD Meet Up and a lil something extra...

Have you heard about the abcd meetup?

It's a truly inspiring evening. I was lucky enough to meet 35 art, craft and design bloggers in Rozelle 2 weeks ago. We talked sewing machines - handmade - markets - dresses - goodie bags - shoes - friends - pop up shops - and much much more.
The abcd meetup goodie bag is always a highlight and the perfect way for all of us to remember each other because sometimes a name tag with business name just isn't quiet enough.

I would love to list of all the lovely goodies which were included in our bags but I am going to be really, really naughty and link you back to the ladies who organised the whole evening. Truth be known we were heading off the following morning for a week away and the kids knew I was coming home with 'goodies' so I was lucky to even get a group photo of all the goodies before they were quickly claimed and put to use.

So check out...

Steph - from bondville blogged all the goodies!
Lisa - from the red thread also blogged all the goodies.

Saffron - from Saffron Craig did a little feature on the brooches I made.
Amy - from badskirt had a crazy day to begin with and still managed to blog about the goodie bag.

My contribution to the goodie bag was a recycled vintage zipper turned into a brooch.
They were in many colours and there were a few flowers in there too.

But wait there is more...

The biggest goodie of all went to Bubble.
The lovely Lisa from the red thread read this blog post about Bubble and gave her her very own Ooshka doll to take with her to hospital.

Lisa thank you from the bottom of our hearts for a little piece of handmade goodness.

As soon as Bubble woke up I handed her the goodie bag.
Her face tells you everything.

She is just so sweet... oh and Bubble too.

Not long after Bubble went quiet which can only mean one thing... TROUBLE. But instead I found her snuggling her Ooshka in the laundry basket.


  1. GORGEOUS!!! I soooo wish I could have made it that night!!! Oh well, definately next time! x

  2. Oh she's so sweet! I love the photo of bubble and ooshka in the wash basket!