Wednesday, June 8, 2011

We have walked with dinosaurs...

We were excited on 18th May for 2 very special reasons.

1. Moo was coming back from her 3 day school camp and we missed her terribly.
2. We were all heading to Homebush to see Walking With Dinosaurs after Carlos won tickets with Kid Size Living.
(You can read more about the MooBear antics in the post below after being notified)

We were prepared with snacks and drinks... Now bring on the dinosaurs!!

The show itself was part documentary, part musical and part puppet show. No matter what you call it though it was the most magical event we have seen as a family.

The show was set over the Triassic period 245-208 million years ago, Jurassic period 208-144 million years ago and Cretaceous period 144-65 million years ago.

Ankylosaurus 11m tank-like armoured dinosaur.

The creative team behind this spectacular event did a mammoth job of putting this all together. It was impossible to pretend these creatures were just puppets. They walked and moved smoothly, the sounds were incredible. Their eyes followed everything they saw and their skin was ... Perfect.

Once immersed within the narrated story the only way back to 2011 was intermission.

Torosaurus and Tyrannosaurus rex... Baby T-rex to be exact.

Mother and Baby T-rex nuzzling safely.
I have to say that the Tyrannosaurus rex was by far the scariest moment. She was angry, stood 12m high and ran out roaring without warning to protect her baby. The whole arena screamed in unison. As I looked around me everyone had the same expression of fear and excitement on their faces.

This is what our own children couldn't wait to see either.

T-rexes commanding the land.
Can you see the blur of the narrator on the left running to get out of the way?!

I am not sure who is holding who.
Neither of us was about to let go.

The biggest dinosaur was the Brachiosaurus which stood at a staggering 22m. It only just made it into the arena. There was so many 'Ooooh' and 'Aaarrhh' moments we lost count. No one cried or wanted to leave which surprised me. Bubble kept waving hello at the dinosaurs and we had to tell Bear repeatedly to sit down. Lucky the people behind us didn't mind.

After seeing 15 very real looking and sounding dinosaurs that night we all slept with one eye open.


  1. Wow, what a fun experience. My kids would've loved it (and been terrified too). Your kiddos are looking awfully grown up in those photos!

  2. Looks absolutely brilliant, what a fun day! x