Friday, June 10, 2011

Simply living...

It can be really hard with 5 people in one space. More often than not each person wants to do something different all at the same time which we just can not do.

There is a lot of compromising and negotiating.

There are some moments which I find us just 'simply living'.
Most of it comes from only having 1 small box of toys as that's all we have room for and an ever changing collection of books.

I hope some of my simple ideas inspire some of you too. I have learnt it's the quality of time we enjoy with each other and not the quantity.

A parcel off goodies arrived from GemmaJoy. In the parcel were some craft supplies and fabric contribution towards my therapy quilt but it also contained confetti.

A moment captured.

1 comment:

  1. You know what Steph, the positive of the situation you find yourself in is that it will bring you even closer as a famiy and build happy joyful memories for the kids that they will never forget ... oh, and you and Carlos will sharpen your negotiating skills.