Sunday, June 19, 2011

A new head deserves a new hat...

Tonight Bubble and I were snuggling in bed after singing songs. She was chatting about her favourite part of the day and I have to tell you some of her sentences didn't make any sense but she always makes me laugh.

Then she said "Mummy I am going to hospital!"

We have been gradually introducing her to the words operation and hospital but tonight she showed just how much she understood.

We were told Bubble had a condition back in March 2010. Something we had never heard of before. Cranial Synostosis. We now know in her case that it means the soft skull plates which fuse together after birth actually fused too early down the centre of her skull. It has resulted in an oval shaped head or what has been called a "funny shaped head" although there is nothing funny about it.

On 14th July the team at the Children's Hospital Randwick will correct the condition so her brain isn't restricted and has room to grow. Otherwise she could develop pressure on the brain as she gets older. It involves reshaping her skull bones so they are more rounded.

Tonight we spoke about staying in hospital and all the things we can take with us to make her room feel really special. There is the crocheted rug I made for her, handmade toys, photos and G-Raf who we have named Jirafa (hea ra fa) which is Spanish of course just like all our handmade toys. Big hug to Claire for sending me the kit to make him.

We decided Jirafa would also need surgery just like Bubble. He'll be getting needles, bandaids, bandages, blood transfusion if he needs it too. This wasn't something I had planned. It just flowed with the conversation and seemed so perfect. So Jirafa is now on this journey with all of us and I hope he is just as brave as Bubble.

Something else which is very special are the handmade hats, beanies and berets she'll be wearing after the operation. There will be crocheted ones, knitted ones & sewn ones. Bubble absolutely understands the love of handmade so a few friends are already on the case.

After all a new head deserves a new hat... Or two.


  1. What a brave little Bubble. She is going to rock all those handmade hats for sure!

  2. I have no words.....I love you guys so much! She is the sweetest little girl in the world. Miss you heaps

  3. Mmmwaaaahhhh!!! Hugs & kisses to all & don't forget I'm ready to treat the other two to a special day to help them with it all... xxxxxx Jenn & co

  4. What a brave little girl! That big smile is going to charm everyone in the hospital! I'm sure it's a little scary for mama, though. Hugs to you!

  5. That big, cheeky grin lights up the page. All the best to Bubble for her surgery, and to your family Steph.

  6. She is the bravest bubble of them all! I am so honoured that Jirafa will be a patient too, sending all the good wishes, love and vibes Bubble's way.

  7. Stephee.. first of all a huge hug from the distance. we (the family) are all wishing the best for bubble's operation. we trust in God that everything will be ok and you must also have a lot of faith because we know she is "un algodon de azucar" and the sweetest girls deserve the best and as you say in this blog (a new head deserves new hats) we also will join to send u some hats that Bubble for sure is going to love. Muchos muhos besooss para mi preciosa Bubble y para todos ustedes los amoooooooooooooo Catty

  8. Beautiful post Steph. Kids are AMAAAZING, she will be strong and brave and you all will get through this. Big hugs. xxxxx

  9. This is such a lovely post Steph. Wishing you all the best for her op. I'm hoping some of the clothes I gave you fitted okay. xo Tracey

  10. Oh my dear Steph, that must be such a hard time.I am sure it will go all well and your brave little sweetheart will recover in no time.
    Please send me her head measurement if you like me to send a Felt pretty hat for an amazing little bubble!
    Take care, hugs!
    Sandrine x

  11. one of the little boys in my mothers group has the same condition. that was 5 years ago now. hugely stressful for the mum and dad but the little guy handled o well and 5 years on he is the most handsome little devil