Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Simply living...

I picked up the little table/bookshelf for free along with the giant marie claire box. They fit perfectly behind our couch between the wall and the pillar. It has become Bear's homework station for now and it's really nice for him to have a cozy corner where he can just chill out.

The kids also like to play shops too.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Tie my hair tie...

After my post about Bubble here she suddenly seems very interested in tying up her hair.
We have headbands by GemmaJoy and hair clips by KC's Hairclip Studio...

...Plus this giant button uses recycled mens tie fabric. Check out harrysdesk and her shop for more recycled tie goodness.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A new head deserves a new hat...

Tonight Bubble and I were snuggling in bed after singing songs. She was chatting about her favourite part of the day and I have to tell you some of her sentences didn't make any sense but she always makes me laugh.

Then she said "Mummy I am going to hospital!"

We have been gradually introducing her to the words operation and hospital but tonight she showed just how much she understood.

We were told Bubble had a condition back in March 2010. Something we had never heard of before. Cranial Synostosis. We now know in her case that it means the soft skull plates which fuse together after birth actually fused too early down the centre of her skull. It has resulted in an oval shaped head or what has been called a "funny shaped head" although there is nothing funny about it.

On 14th July the team at the Children's Hospital Randwick will correct the condition so her brain isn't restricted and has room to grow. Otherwise she could develop pressure on the brain as she gets older. It involves reshaping her skull bones so they are more rounded.

Tonight we spoke about staying in hospital and all the things we can take with us to make her room feel really special. There is the crocheted rug I made for her, handmade toys, photos and G-Raf who we have named Jirafa (hea ra fa) which is Spanish of course just like all our handmade toys. Big hug to Claire for sending me the kit to make him.

We decided Jirafa would also need surgery just like Bubble. He'll be getting needles, bandaids, bandages, blood transfusion if he needs it too. This wasn't something I had planned. It just flowed with the conversation and seemed so perfect. So Jirafa is now on this journey with all of us and I hope he is just as brave as Bubble.

Something else which is very special are the handmade hats, beanies and berets she'll be wearing after the operation. There will be crocheted ones, knitted ones & sewn ones. Bubble absolutely understands the love of handmade so a few friends are already on the case.

After all a new head deserves a new hat... Or two.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Simply living...

Turning Bear's bed into a spaceship didn't take much effort at all. Just some paper, crayons and blue tac.

Bubble is in charge of the STOP button.

Bear waits for the signal from base to pull the throttle.

We also drew a map beside the control panel of different space stations. These are still up on the wall.

We have since added a pirate ships steering wheel and treasure map to the collection.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A quick fix...

We are seriously limited in clothes here. I only packed enough for a 2 week Summer holiday and that was 3 months ago.

With the help of friends we now have winter clothes for all of us which has made life so much easier and warmer. You all know who you are and I have so much love to return in hugs for each of you!!

I do find myself following the old 'mend and make do' motto more so now than when we were living 'at home'.

A pair of jeans, or as Bubble calls them jeams needed some serious attention around both knees.

This fabric is close to our hearts and holds the memories of when I breast fed Bubble during the day when she was a tiny little chicken.

I couldn't let the back pockets go without adding a little detail...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Simply living...

It can be really hard with 5 people in one space. More often than not each person wants to do something different all at the same time which we just can not do.

There is a lot of compromising and negotiating.

There are some moments which I find us just 'simply living'.
Most of it comes from only having 1 small box of toys as that's all we have room for and an ever changing collection of books.

I hope some of my simple ideas inspire some of you too. I have learnt it's the quality of time we enjoy with each other and not the quantity.

A parcel off goodies arrived from GemmaJoy. In the parcel were some craft supplies and fabric contribution towards my therapy quilt but it also contained confetti.

A moment captured.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

We have walked with dinosaurs...

We were excited on 18th May for 2 very special reasons.

1. Moo was coming back from her 3 day school camp and we missed her terribly.
2. We were all heading to Homebush to see Walking With Dinosaurs after Carlos won tickets with Kid Size Living.
(You can read more about the MooBear antics in the post below after being notified)

We were prepared with snacks and drinks... Now bring on the dinosaurs!!

The show itself was part documentary, part musical and part puppet show. No matter what you call it though it was the most magical event we have seen as a family.

The show was set over the Triassic period 245-208 million years ago, Jurassic period 208-144 million years ago and Cretaceous period 144-65 million years ago.

Ankylosaurus 11m tank-like armoured dinosaur.

The creative team behind this spectacular event did a mammoth job of putting this all together. It was impossible to pretend these creatures were just puppets. They walked and moved smoothly, the sounds were incredible. Their eyes followed everything they saw and their skin was ... Perfect.

Once immersed within the narrated story the only way back to 2011 was intermission.

Torosaurus and Tyrannosaurus rex... Baby T-rex to be exact.

Mother and Baby T-rex nuzzling safely.
I have to say that the Tyrannosaurus rex was by far the scariest moment. She was angry, stood 12m high and ran out roaring without warning to protect her baby. The whole arena screamed in unison. As I looked around me everyone had the same expression of fear and excitement on their faces.

This is what our own children couldn't wait to see either.

T-rexes commanding the land.
Can you see the blur of the narrator on the left running to get out of the way?!

I am not sure who is holding who.
Neither of us was about to let go.

The biggest dinosaur was the Brachiosaurus which stood at a staggering 22m. It only just made it into the arena. There was so many 'Ooooh' and 'Aaarrhh' moments we lost count. No one cried or wanted to leave which surprised me. Bubble kept waving hello at the dinosaurs and we had to tell Bear repeatedly to sit down. Lucky the people behind us didn't mind.

After seeing 15 very real looking and sounding dinosaurs that night we all slept with one eye open.