Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Walking With Dinosaurs...

Imagine our surprise when Carlos received an email from KID Size Living congratulating him on winning a family pass to see Walking With Dinosaurs tomorrow night!!!

There was a lot of screaming (mainly from the adults)....
And then we calmed down and told the kids.. and then we were all screaming and jumping around.

It's no secret just how much Bear loves his dinosaurs. Carlos bought him some new ones today after school because all of his are still in storage.

I still remember thinking his obsession might have been getting out of control. What about the silly drawing I did of a Rar which became a doona cover and then finally an official MooBear Tee.
Or his favourite pass time in his dino cape.

We have tried to explain and show them footage of the show but we really wont know how they (or us for that matter) will truly react when we see a life size 72 foot tall Brachiosaur until tomorrow night.

Carlos has been wanting to take us ever since the show started touring in the US around 4 years ago after the huge success of the tv show. Bear and I even bought him an official tour t-shirt from the treasure shop because it was the closest we thought we would ever get.

Given the most recent and stressful event in our lives this will be the first time we go out to a really awesome event as a family and can really truly enjoy it.
I don't think we would appreciate this gift as much if we weren't where we are now.

Sometimes the universe works in the most mysterious ways...


  1. Yey!! That's fantastic news, you ALL deserve it. Have fun :) x

  2. Did you see it when the dinosaurs came on the circle? look freaking AWESOME!!
    I'm jealous but soooo excited for you guys.

  3. Hooray!!! How fabulously fun for you all!!! Enjoy the show...miss you my friend, love you and think about you all of the time! xo

  4. Your family is the most deserving! I hope you all have a blast and enjoy every minute!!!

  5. Very cool. I hope you all have a blast!

  6. My oh my how fantastic. You will have three exited kids .... or is that FIVE??? x

  7. thank you for the very sweet comments on my blog! I'm always glad to know people are looking for stuffed animals and even more so if they're going to a special little person. I hope your search for more animals for your daughter goes well :)