Monday, April 18, 2011

What's keeping me busy you ask.. My therapy quilt.

I have the best friends surrounding our family right now. Their genuine concern as well as yours astounds me and I really do feel so much love and energy from all your comments, emails and messages.

Quite a few of you have asked me what have I been creating while Veronica was away and of course it's another excuse to blog too.

The only craft item I managed to smuggle into our suitcase which was already over flowing was the crochet I started back in October when Tina was up here help celebrate Bubbles Birthday. It is a sentimental thing I guess. A way of keeping the memories of the times I miss and the people I love around me.

The other project I decided to start was a big hexagon paper piecing quilt. I figured I would do some hand sewing and play with recycled fabrics while I was at it. It has had a very therapeutic effect since I started it. So it is my new go to project when things are a little overwhelming.

I started by purchasing a collection of orange/yellow vintage off cut fabric scraps from Little Wise Owl on Craftumi.
You can check out Beckie's madeit store here and her blog here.

I figured that way I could start then source more fabric as I needed it although that has turned out to be a little harder than I expected as orange/yellow pillow cases, sheets, clothes etc seem to be in short supply in all the op shops I have visited.

Then I thought if you have an odd pillow case/scrap fabric etc that fits the feel of my 'therapy quilt' I would love to add it too. It would make this quilt so much more special to my family and in years to come the quilt will become the story of our journey through this time of our lives.

I am so sentimental aren't I?! So if you think you have have something you know where I am!!

I had a wonderful donation of fabric, off cut curtain to be exact from Britt of Stitchybritt. See the retro fabric with black through the yellow and orange?! Perfect right?

The kids also love the quilt and keep asking if it's finished...


  1. i have soooo much yellow/orange vintage fabric. scraps and whole sheets. i want to send to you!! what size is the minimum for the scraps (so i don't send you useless pieces)? and address please :)

  2. I'll see what I can find.

  3. Yes I too love the different vintage fabrics. They go very well together

  4. That's a great looking start! I have a few pieces of vintage fabric that have some yellow, though it's a lot of white. Would that work for you?

  5. I have a piece for you that I've been meaning to send... but I need your address

  6. Looks like a lovely project so far - so glad to hear that you are getting a bit of craft therapy during this difficult time.