Sunday, April 17, 2011

Craft Schmaft Surprise...

On Friday I received a parcel in the mail and having only seen this little owl drawn on the front of the parcel I recognised immediately who it was from and proceeded to happy dance and squeal while Moo, Bear and Bubble laughed at my antics.

A G-Raf Kit
(The pattern is available in Claire's shop or Etsy)

The best part about Craft Schmaft kits is they contain everything you need to make Mr G-Raf or any other animal you choose which means I don't have to go searching for supplies.

Funnily enough I have tried to make a few projects and found that I didn't have pins, elastic, velcro or believe it or not scissors... I know!? How can anyone craft without scissors. Happy to announce I bought a pair last week!

So a big smooch and massive snuggle to Claire for helping me get back on the crafty yellow brick road. Once I am done making Mr G-Raf I think I will share him on Craft Schmaft's facebook page. While you are there check out Bubble with another Craft Schmaft creation, Wonk right here.

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