Saturday, March 12, 2011

Introducing Sweets Workshop...

After our family moved last year to the Central Coast we never expected to be back in our old stomping ground so soon. But here we are enjoying what Sydney has to offer us and boy has she been busy.

On one of my trips back to Sydney I strolled past my local coffee shop and discovered a lovely new shop in the same block. There were bright red doors with a stunning window display which included a mixtape zine. The window read 'Sweets Workshop'

My heart was in overdrive until I realised that the shop had not officially opened and wouldn't for a few more days. I wanted to know more about this little shop and stumbled across their website where I quickly fed my hunger for creative ingenuity and read up on some of the early featured artists. I also totally liked their facebook page as it was the only way I could check out the opening night photos.

For the last 2 weeks I have walked past Emma and Johns shop countless times. Their window display would beacon me every time but alas, we were on a mission and I really wanted to devote some quality time in the sweet shop.

Today I could take it no longer...

With all 3 kids in toe I stopped to show them works from the current exhibition Pencil and Paper. Bear stood still and intricately observed the hand drawn works of art on about 100 white swing tags which where all lined up one after the other in a massive glass frame about the size of a large coffee table.

Today was a great day indeed.

I had spotted these cuties last week.

Emma had noticed my GemmaJoy ceramic scissor brooch and I had noticed her Genna Johnson wood burnt scissor earrings. I asked Bear to help me pick them out and the crazy little guy almost purchased a ring with a rock in it! I love him to pieces but the earrings were more my style...

I shall be heading back there with the children... this time only one child at a time to check out the exhibition which they all wanted to stay and check out today.

I shall take along my Frankie for both Emma and John to sign next time too.

Congrats guys and keep showcasing the indie artists who provide an addictive mix of creativity!

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  1. Great post!!!! Thanks for the mention. Now you just need a scissors ring!!