Friday, February 11, 2011

Welcome Navarone...

Baby Navarone was born on Yesterday the 10th Feb at 3:07am. 6lb 13oz and 47cm long.

We want to congratulate Michelle and Peter Hayward for being the inspirational family we know and love.

One day not too far away we will get together and have very long and much needed hug!!

Personalised baby blocks made Zina from RaspberryBubbleZ.

This completes all the handmade a donated goodies which were sent as a surprise Baby Shower gift as well as the refashioned baby items I sent too.

Once again I want to thank everyone who helped bring a much needed smile and distraction to Michelle and her family with our handmade baby hamper.

Love and butterfly kisses for each and everyone one of you!!

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  1. Many thanks Steph for blogging this! :) I was so excited to receive these beautiful gifts - Navarone was very spoilt, as was I! We feel so much gratitude to each person who contributed and we will never forget such kindness! These beautiful gifts are a very special part of our joy as we welcomed our tenth born, on the tenth!