Sunday, February 6, 2011

A little baby refashioning...

Once I knew what everyone else was contributing to Michelle's Surprise Baby Hamper I had to make something different. I didn't want to double up and truth be known Michelle owns every Over It! item I have created.

I am super happy with how both projects turned out and can't wait to make a few more.

New Born Leather Boots
Made from a recycled leather jacket
(Rebekah I found a use for it hope you don't mind...hehe)

They remind me of converse high tops.
I cut them in a way that would show both the colours from the jacket.

The back of them opens up so you can get them on and off little feet easily.

They can be folded over too just like a pair of converse high tops. I can't wait to see some little feet in these leather boots.

This is the jacket from Rebekah which I cut up. Actually I only cut one of the sleeves and there is still more leather left over from it to make another pair.

Baby Sleeping Pod
Made from my stash of off cut chenille and jersey knit.

A very warm pod that any baby would be happy to sleep in. It has 4 ties on the side which close the top layer over the baby.

It is also fully reversible if it needs to be a little warmer.
I hope baby N gets a couple of uses out of it.

The bias binding at the bottom was all hand stitched too.

So that was my contribution to Michelle's Baby Shower Hamper. There are still two more gifts to reveal after the little man decides to join his family...


  1. These are just beyond beautiful Steph - you OUT DID yourself, as usual! You are so clever! I could only wish to have a third of your talent! I am very thankful to be the recipient of such beautiful work, what a blessed little baby I have! And how blessed am I??? To have a friend like YOU!!!!!!!!!
    xxxxxxxxxxxxx Love ya heaps and heaps and heaps!!!!!!

  2. those cutes are very boot, i mean boots are cute. i like them folded down

  3. I really love the baby boots - what a great use of n old leather jacket.


  4. I am just soooo IMPRESSED by your talent girl...WOW!! Those boots are wicked AWESOME!! What a fabulous idea, great job!! Love the little sleep pod too...something so seemingly simple but soooo useful!! What great gifts!!
    Oh, and I forgot on my last comment...TEN children?????!!!!! Goodness, that just blows my mind!! ;)

  5. Hi Steph, those little boots are so cute!Well done x