Friday, February 11, 2011

Welcome Navarone...

Baby Navarone was born on Yesterday the 10th Feb at 3:07am. 6lb 13oz and 47cm long.

We want to congratulate Michelle and Peter Hayward for being the inspirational family we know and love.

One day not too far away we will get together and have very long and much needed hug!!

Personalised baby blocks made Zina from RaspberryBubbleZ.

This completes all the handmade a donated goodies which were sent as a surprise Baby Shower gift as well as the refashioned baby items I sent too.

Once again I want to thank everyone who helped bring a much needed smile and distraction to Michelle and her family with our handmade baby hamper.

Love and butterfly kisses for each and everyone one of you!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

A little baby refashioning...

Once I knew what everyone else was contributing to Michelle's Surprise Baby Hamper I had to make something different. I didn't want to double up and truth be known Michelle owns every Over It! item I have created.

I am super happy with how both projects turned out and can't wait to make a few more.

New Born Leather Boots
Made from a recycled leather jacket
(Rebekah I found a use for it hope you don't mind...hehe)

They remind me of converse high tops.
I cut them in a way that would show both the colours from the jacket.

The back of them opens up so you can get them on and off little feet easily.

They can be folded over too just like a pair of converse high tops. I can't wait to see some little feet in these leather boots.

This is the jacket from Rebekah which I cut up. Actually I only cut one of the sleeves and there is still more leather left over from it to make another pair.

Baby Sleeping Pod
Made from my stash of off cut chenille and jersey knit.

A very warm pod that any baby would be happy to sleep in. It has 4 ties on the side which close the top layer over the baby.

It is also fully reversible if it needs to be a little warmer.
I hope baby N gets a couple of uses out of it.

The bias binding at the bottom was all hand stitched too.

So that was my contribution to Michelle's Baby Shower Hamper. There are still two more gifts to reveal after the little man decides to join his family...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The gift of giving...

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Steph. She had organised a big Alice in Wonderland themed party for her 30th Birthday but sadly the stars just didn't align on the day. She felt ever so sad.

Michelle, a very special friend who lived far far away was "so sure it was beautiful and wonderful and perfect". It broke her heart to know that the birthday girl wasn't spoilt on her special day.

Over the following week Steph received some beautiful gifts in the mail including a pair of damn fine purple high heel shoes named Poppy. Steph felt extremely spoilt and special.

A couple of months later Steph knew that Michelle really wanted to have a baby shower but to organise one when Michelle was expecting her 10th baby would be a huge feet in itself. Steph thought long and hard. She decided to ask her friends to help put together a special baby shower hamper filled with handmade goodies and more.

Steph had goose bumps and knew that this was the perfect way to spoil Michelle who had been in and out of hospital and was truly 'over it!' If Steph could take Michelle's mind of being pregnant and all the not so wonderful things that came with her pregnancy and make her smile instead of feeling uncomfortable, then that was what she was going to do.

Below are all the goodies which were sent to Michelle this week. You can check out her reaction on her blog HERE too.

Bel Creations - handmade stationary with personal message.
Thank you Belinda...

KissKiss HugHug - baby bib set.
Thank you Jacqueline and Felicia...

rachelle rachelle - boys shorts, burp cloths and bib.
Thank you Rachelle...

Handmade by Haylz - Tissue wallet and tag toy.
Thank you Hayley...

Summer Luv - UV Baby wrap SPF 50+
Thank you Karen...

GemmaJoy - Coffee button felt brooch
Thank you Gem...

The zipper ones are my Over It! left overs...

Kasiabear Designs - 2 hand printed bodysuits.
Thank you Kasia...

The Body Shop - Pamper Pack
Thank you Kerry who is also a Bizness Babe mentor...

Purely Natural Living - 2 lavender and goats milk baby soaps and set of three natural soaps with wooden bed.
Thank you Rebekah...

Babyjo Bamboo Wear - bambo hat and singlet
Thank you Jo...

Thank you Sophie...

Agoo - Bamboo socks.
Thank you Susan...

Jasmine from Jazzy Rose also contributed a NB bag of nappies.
Thank you Jazzy...

Zina from RasberryBubbleZ also handmade a set of personalised name blocks which I can't show you until the little guy is born otherwise I will ruin the surprise.

Last but not lease I made a few baby items from recycled materials which I will share in another post as this one is quiet photo heavy.

I wanted to thank Michelle for continuing to support woman in business and empowering us to work together. Call past her blog and see her work behind the Mummy Ambassador program. She might even be able to help or inspire your own business!