Thursday, January 13, 2011

MooBear Donates To Flood Auction...

Like many Australian families we have been checking on our Queensland friends and family making sure we know exactly what is going on. The news has been constantly on with late nights watching for any change... in anything really.

For my international friends who may not be aware of the magnitude, the majority of Queensland has been flooding since December. The capital city of brisbane is currently under water. To date there have been 12 deaths, 9 are feared dead with more missing and tens of thousands of homes and businesses have been affected.

I have been watching friends update on facebook who are in affected areas. Clint hadn't posted in a few hours and I panicked. So I left a message on his wall (as you do). It simply read 'Are you okies?'. I checked his wife's page too and learnt that they had lost power and Clint's phone battery was dead. Power is now back on so all is safe for them.

These are devastating and truly emotional times for Australians but there are auctions dedicated to helping the Flood Appeal happening everywhere!

We have donated MooBear Tee's and Over It! item to the following auctions

1. MooBear tee and Gina purse to Jazzy Kids Auction on facebook.
2. Moo's Rocket to the Wholesale Baby Auction.

Our other friends from GemmaJoy, Boutique Creations, Snugglebug, KC's Hair Clip Studio and Butterfly Magick have also jumped on board.

All funds raised go directly to the Flood Appeal to help rebuilt lives.

There are blogs doing their own auctions as well as a master list being set up.

Sandrine is donating the entire proceeds from her ETSY store.
Recycled Fashion are offering a handmade clutch
isismade is offering a giant bag of handmade Isis goodies.

(Photo taken from Brisbane area flood photos & info on facebook)

After all the sadness and being so helpless this picture of Wally Lewis put a smile on my face this morning. Even through the hardest times Aussies still dig deep and can have a laugh.


  1. Thanks for posting those links, Steph. I'll be checking them out. I might have to have a little auction of my own. Take care!

  2. Thanks so much Steph, we really appreciate your support... we have raised over $15,000 already.... ♥ The Oz Material Girls

  3. Girl...I've been so "head in the clouds" that I am only just hearing about the flooding!! I am sooo sorry! I am glad that you and your family are safe, but am so sad for all of the families that have lost their memories and "lives". I will go visit the auctions and see if there is anything I can do, please let me know if you need anything! xoxo