Thursday, January 6, 2011

League of Extraordinary Crafters...

Sometimes the universe has a funny way of bringing people together. In this case it is a group of currently 47 extraordinary crafters who have used facebook to their full advantage. I was invited to join the group by Christy who I met on CO&K craft site.

All of us chat live, share ideas, give advice on projects, inspire each other no end and become the shoulder to lean on when our sewing machine packs it in. We all do a variety of different crafts ranging from custom jewellery, plushies, crocheted goodies, felt creations, clothing and accessories.

We range in ages and craft ability. Some of us craft for ourselves, our business or as a hobby. There are well established crafters and not so established ones too.

It is how ever a great group of woman (... actually are we all woman... I haven't met everyone in the group who were able to put all their creative minds together and come up with our very own web site to share everything we do with the rest of the world.

So watch this space for some creative interviews with the very first crafters who brought the LXC movement to life.