Monday, January 3, 2011

Handmade Christmas Part 2...

This instalment of Christmas goodies is all about what the kids received for Christmas 2010.

I wanted to give Moo something she would really use. Something she could personalise and something that would grow with her and be special.

I made her a satchel out of reclaimed canvas curtain and spotty blue material. I put a note in with it saying she could draw, paint, screen print, sew... Whatever she wanted to do to put her mark on it and make it hers.

She decided she wanted to put her own MooBear Design - Moo's Earth on her satchel so she could show her friends at school. She also has plans to write around the Earth with her school friends help when they go back.

The satchel itself it fully reversible.
Moo is also wearing a GemmaJoy original felt design necklace. She received 2 for Christmas but I have the other one in my jewellery collection because she has claimed my new purple felt flower headband... fairs fair right?!

Bubble received a pair of handmade pants by Cheeksmeeks but they wont be online much as they were expecting their 2nd bub on Christmas day!!

Mr Smooth received an awesome Retro Chrissy shirt thanks to Kristy from HandmadeRetro. I won the shirt as part of the big Sew,Mama, Sew Giveaway last month. You can check out her shop too.

Bear has only let me wash it twice since Christmas so I am planning on doing another load of washing tomorrow.

If you missed part 1. check it HERE. I made Carlos and his brothers their own adult MooBear Tees.


  1. that satchel is neat... and very practical. nice idea :)

  2. Love it - I want to be a part of your family, handmade Christmases are my favourite!