Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Easy no sew refashion and eco makeup...

This was too good to not try.

Grab one long sleeved men's shirt and wrap it around your front with the neck collar behind. Pull it so you can do the buttons above your bust and down the shirt.
I had to pin a brooch to mine as the button was too tight.
The sleeves should sit at your side pull them under your bust and tie off.

Voila!! One super easy, super stylin' top with absolutely no sewing what so ever!!
You can tie it on the side too. Try a bow... embellish it!

Tell me this isn't sexy... Go on!

Oi! down in front...

You can check out the tutorial HERE.

The shirt has been in my stash for a while and I never wanted to cut it up. When I saw the tutorial I raced into the studio and grabbed it straight away. It is one of Carlos' but he has never worn it and if he really wanted to he still can.

Funny thing I came out and he looked and me and exclaimed "You look like a woman!" which I think meant "WOW my shirt looks hot on you".

Maybe it was combination of waking up on a good hair day, his shirt and trying out my sample of Ragged Blossom Beauty natural mineral make up!!
*plug plug*
Lindy has been following Over It! for a while and contacted me to share her new eco business because I live and breath all things Earth and human friendly. I was absolutely delighted to see her business as I had been on the look out for eco friendly make up that wasn't all mass produced.

Lindy meticulously handmakes all her products from scratch, using only the highest quality cosmetic grade minerals and nothing else. They are free from the following nasties.

Oil, Talc, Fragrance
Boron Nitride
Bismuth Oxychloride
Synthetic Dyes
Animal Products/by-products (except maybe Carmine in some colour, however a note of its inclusion will be made)

These all sound horrible!!

The colours you see are the colours you get and I can honestly say it feels like I am not even wearing makeup. It lasts all day and is kids proof... Haha not really!! So don't leave it lying around for their little fingers to find.

I highly recommend checking out her new SHOP. If you are on facebook check out her PAGE too as she has random giveaways and prizes. I have 2 more colours on their way to me as well.

So in conclusion today is a good day don't you think!?!


  1. That is a very funky idea - hubby has lots of shirts that don't fit or he doesn't like , will have to give this a go. Thanks for sharing - and yeah it does look Hot. Will go check out Lindys makeup too

  2. I love it!! It look HOT!! Watch out Carlos you may loose all of you business shirts :)

  3. that looks cool, i've been looking for something like this to do with men's shirts but everything i found was all chopping and sewing and complicated. this is so simple - thanks!! and i love your hair

  4. Ooh love the shirt tutorial Steph, just hope I can do mine as much justice as yours! And thankyou so so much for featuring Ragged Blossom Beauty... yay, you've made my afternoon :)

  5. Great idea - you look great! Now if only I had your figure so I could "borrow" my hubs' nice shirts, LOL.

  6. Okay, I gotta admit that no-sew top is really cool. It is just the sort of thing you would see Paige or Phoebe Halliwell wear in the Charmed tv series.

  7. Oh I love it! Thanks for sharing, yes it looks hot!!!

  8. Saw that on Facebook yesterday and just LOVED it and you look HOT!!!

  9. Well, on a lighter note from my previous comment....HUBBA HUBBA!!! You are smoking sexy crazy hot girl!!! :) LOVE IT!!

  10. Well, so cute on you because you are so tiny. A little different from the first time we met... I think you were about to pop with baby no. 3!

  11. hi beauty..nice to see you,,thanks for sharing....

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  12. That looks so great! That's definitely something I want to look into doing. :) wedding makeup artists Sydney