Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Easy no sew refashion and eco makeup...

This was too good to not try.

Grab one long sleeved men's shirt and wrap it around your front with the neck collar behind. Pull it so you can do the buttons above your bust and down the shirt.
I had to pin a brooch to mine as the button was too tight.
The sleeves should sit at your side pull them under your bust and tie off.

Voila!! One super easy, super stylin' top with absolutely no sewing what so ever!!
You can tie it on the side too. Try a bow... embellish it!

Tell me this isn't sexy... Go on!

Oi! down in front...

You can check out the tutorial HERE.

The shirt has been in my stash for a while and I never wanted to cut it up. When I saw the tutorial I raced into the studio and grabbed it straight away. It is one of Carlos' but he has never worn it and if he really wanted to he still can.

Funny thing I came out and he looked and me and exclaimed "You look like a woman!" which I think meant "WOW my shirt looks hot on you".

Maybe it was combination of waking up on a good hair day, his shirt and trying out my sample of Ragged Blossom Beauty natural mineral make up!!
*plug plug*
Lindy has been following Over It! for a while and contacted me to share her new eco business because I live and breath all things Earth and human friendly. I was absolutely delighted to see her business as I had been on the look out for eco friendly make up that wasn't all mass produced.

Lindy meticulously handmakes all her products from scratch, using only the highest quality cosmetic grade minerals and nothing else. They are free from the following nasties.

Oil, Talc, Fragrance
Boron Nitride
Bismuth Oxychloride
Synthetic Dyes
Animal Products/by-products (except maybe Carmine in some colour, however a note of its inclusion will be made)

These all sound horrible!!

The colours you see are the colours you get and I can honestly say it feels like I am not even wearing makeup. It lasts all day and is kids proof... Haha not really!! So don't leave it lying around for their little fingers to find.

I highly recommend checking out her new SHOP. If you are on facebook check out her PAGE too as she has random giveaways and prizes. I have 2 more colours on their way to me as well.

So in conclusion today is a good day don't you think!?!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

MooBear Donates To Flood Auction...

Like many Australian families we have been checking on our Queensland friends and family making sure we know exactly what is going on. The news has been constantly on with late nights watching for any change... in anything really.

For my international friends who may not be aware of the magnitude, the majority of Queensland has been flooding since December. The capital city of brisbane is currently under water. To date there have been 12 deaths, 9 are feared dead with more missing and tens of thousands of homes and businesses have been affected.

I have been watching friends update on facebook who are in affected areas. Clint hadn't posted in a few hours and I panicked. So I left a message on his wall (as you do). It simply read 'Are you okies?'. I checked his wife's page too and learnt that they had lost power and Clint's phone battery was dead. Power is now back on so all is safe for them.

These are devastating and truly emotional times for Australians but there are auctions dedicated to helping the Flood Appeal happening everywhere!

We have donated MooBear Tee's and Over It! item to the following auctions

1. MooBear tee and Gina purse to Jazzy Kids Auction on facebook.
2. Moo's Rocket to the Wholesale Baby Auction.

Our other friends from GemmaJoy, Boutique Creations, Snugglebug, KC's Hair Clip Studio and Butterfly Magick have also jumped on board.

All funds raised go directly to the Flood Appeal to help rebuilt lives.

There are blogs doing their own auctions as well as a master list being set up.

Sandrine is donating the entire proceeds from her ETSY store.
Recycled Fashion are offering a handmade clutch
isismade is offering a giant bag of handmade Isis goodies.

(Photo taken from Brisbane area flood photos & info on facebook)

After all the sadness and being so helpless this picture of Wally Lewis put a smile on my face this morning. Even through the hardest times Aussies still dig deep and can have a laugh.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

League of Extraordinary Crafters...

Sometimes the universe has a funny way of bringing people together. In this case it is a group of currently 47 extraordinary crafters who have used facebook to their full advantage. I was invited to join the group by Christy who I met on CO&K craft site.

All of us chat live, share ideas, give advice on projects, inspire each other no end and become the shoulder to lean on when our sewing machine packs it in. We all do a variety of different crafts ranging from custom jewellery, plushies, crocheted goodies, felt creations, clothing and accessories.

We range in ages and craft ability. Some of us craft for ourselves, our business or as a hobby. There are well established crafters and not so established ones too.

It is how ever a great group of woman (... actually are we all woman... I haven't met everyone in the group yet...lol) who were able to put all their creative minds together and come up with our very own web site to share everything we do with the rest of the world.

So watch this space for some creative interviews with the very first crafters who brought the LXC movement to life.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Handmade Christmas Part 2...

This instalment of Christmas goodies is all about what the kids received for Christmas 2010.

I wanted to give Moo something she would really use. Something she could personalise and something that would grow with her and be special.

I made her a satchel out of reclaimed canvas curtain and spotty blue material. I put a note in with it saying she could draw, paint, screen print, sew... Whatever she wanted to do to put her mark on it and make it hers.

She decided she wanted to put her own MooBear Design - Moo's Earth on her satchel so she could show her friends at school. She also has plans to write around the Earth with her school friends help when they go back.

The satchel itself it fully reversible.
Moo is also wearing a GemmaJoy original felt design necklace. She received 2 for Christmas but I have the other one in my jewellery collection because she has claimed my new purple felt flower headband... fairs fair right?!

Bubble received a pair of handmade pants by Cheeksmeeks but they wont be online much as they were expecting their 2nd bub on Christmas day!!

Mr Smooth received an awesome Retro Chrissy shirt thanks to Kristy from HandmadeRetro. I won the shirt as part of the big Sew,Mama, Sew Giveaway last month. You can check out her shop too.

Bear has only let me wash it twice since Christmas so I am planning on doing another load of washing tomorrow.

If you missed part 1. check it HERE. I made Carlos and his brothers their own adult MooBear Tees.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

T-shirt Refashion Time...

This morning I snuck away to the studio work on some refashion projects for Bear and Bubble. Some friends come around from Sydney back in November and brought with them a bag full of T-shirts so I pulled 2 out and made Bear a pair of pants and Bubble a skirt.

They actually didn't want to have their photos taken which was really unusual for them both but I managed to persuade them with sultanas...hehehe

Tanies are the best!!

Bear still rockin out the MJ moves and his favourite shirt at the moment by Kasiabear.

A super comfy pair of everyday pants. I used a pair of his own pants as the pattern.
They remind me of fisherman pants.

Bubble has a super cute twirly skirt. I cut off the bottom of a shirt and re sewed the patches onto the bottom of the skirt.

I really like the colours and the patches!!

I wanted to send a big warm thank you to Amanda and Eddy for letting me get creative with their clothes.