Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Handmade Christmas Part 1...

This Christmas we decided to go completely handmade for family and friends. We wanted to do something a little extra special for the MooBear Uncles though.

So we put our thinking caps on and thunk really hard!

Carlos suggested making them MooBear tees. So we match up one design each which fitted their personalities perfectly and got to work.

So let me introduce Anthony and Steve who are the most supportive big brothers a sister could ask for.

Steve was there for the birth of our children. Anthony was living in England during that time but I was chatting to him via email when I went into labour with Bear at midnight. So in their own way they were part of something very special which no one else outside of Carlos and their father has ever been part of!

They are also equally the favourite uncles to Moo, Bear and Bubble. So much so that their names are completely interchangeable.

I would do anything for these 3 men and although I have been out number for years now I am happy to have them all to myself. Although I wouldn't mind being an Aunty either.

There might just be adult MooBear tees available in the not too distant future...

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  1. Adult MooBear tees? Bring it on!! Charlotte got her pink Ra for Christmas and loved it. Thanks so much for moving to our community!!