Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Creative Space... Eye Patches

Bear has ben asking me for weeks to make him an eye patch. So the only creating going on today was making him his very own one of a kind eye patch which is made from all recycled materials... I think I might have to make a few more for the markets.

For more creative spaces check out Kootoyoo.

Now a few things while you are here.

1. Have you voted for my recycled denim baby bibs which made it into the finals of the Ecouterre Gap Recycled Denim Challenge? Voting ends tomorrow and I would love you to vote for one of my very first Over It! creations if you would ever so kind... I'll owe you a coffee!!

2. Have you entered our GIVEAWAY? All you have to do is name the newest, natural soap made by Purely Natural Living which I have been lucky enough to use all week and you could win your very own. Entry closes tomorrow night.

3. Have you stopped past my facebook sale? There are Zip It headbands reduced to $8 and brooches from $8. There are girls T-shirts, Zip It hair ties and more.


  1. Lots to talk about!

    I definitely think you should make some of those eye patches for your stall. My boy would love one! Why not make matching headscarfs for the discerning pirates?

    Thanks for the heads up on your giveaway. If there's one thing I love, it's SOAP, lovely SOAP!

    The denium bibs are sensational. What a great idea. Voting for you for sure. x

  2. Great market stall wares - not too exxy and kids actually LOVE em!

    I like the face on said son too!

  3. Oh superb!!! I want to sit and make one now. Great idea. And looks like it is being received well! Definitely make some for the markets.

  4. Very cool eye patch Stephanie. And all the best with the denim bibs - you got my vote!

  5. Great, must be pirate season? My friend mentioned her boys were onto pirates lately LOL!
    Voted for you as well, good luck!x

  6. Eye patches are a great idea, and perfect for markets - what little boy can resist being a pirate for a day! I have voted for your bibs =)

  7. I love the eye patch, if I had a little boy handy I'd make him one. Too bad I didn't think of that when someone else I love needed an eye patch. They aren't just for pirate you know. We could've had great fun designing different looks for it. Oh well, maybe it's an idea someone else can use.

  8. Nice one, yes I know a few little 'pirates' up this way who would like one! Tks for popping by Steph, Keryn xx

  9. he is just too stinkin' cute!!! AND the eyepatches too!! ;) xo

  10. Love the eye patch Steph!
    I'd love to see one with an eyeball as the decoration too. Gross yes.... but a seller I think!
    Ally <'v'>