Saturday, November 13, 2010

I Want Candy...

Now for this post you need to sing the song I Want Candy...

Candy in the morning time,
Candy in the hot sunshine.
Candy baby can't you see,
All I want is your candy!

Now that the mood is right I can share with you some very fruitilicious candy.

Carlos loves his rock candy as equally as I love my liquorice.

It absolutely amazes him how they get the tiny little image of the candy flavour and words inside the candy. I think it would be a pretty cool job title to have on your resume too.

So when the kids and I visited the Fairhaven Markets today we were excited to see Paul, The Candy Man there again. He remember me from last time we visited. I had to make the trip back to the markets because I forgot to actually take the jar of candy with me.

Not this time though.

Paul and Ange make their fruitilicious candy from home which is perfect because home made candy tastes so much nicer than the mass produced lollies in stores. They make candy for every occasion you can think of and for every event you have been too.

Even better they now have an online store so we can buy directly from them when ever Carlos wants too. Which come to think of it might be a very tempting option... hmmm.

I am also loving the jar that we bought from the markets too. Can you see all my buttons wanting to have a new home in there?

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