Wednesday, November 3, 2010

DIY Display for Market...

I have had to rethink how I display for my Zip It headbands and brooches as the denim frames just take too long to pin all my creations to. Check them out here.

I needed something I can display and leave them on. My solution was to use 2 small vintage suitcases and turn the inside into a display area.

I am a vintage suitcase hoarder.
They were both road side rescues.

I wanted to pad the inside with foam but want to avoid buy any. I really like to use what ever I have lying around.

On a random trip to the treasure shop earlier today I noticed some foam sitting on a table. I asked what they had planned for the foam and they said it was going in the bin... Well not if I can help it!! I got home and cut the foam to size.

I used some scrap material left over from a project for Rebekah to cover the foam and created a cushion. The perfect place to pin my brooches and to display my headbands.

Now I have the perfect no fuss way to display both my Zip It headbands and brooches.
I am sure Rachelle and Shannon will be very happy to see my new wind proof display too...Hehe.

So what am I going to with the denim frames? Why, still use them of course. I am going to tie 3 rows of string across them and peg my Zip It hair ties on them giving me more room to use on the table front at my markets!!

Pure genius!

Now a few things while you are here.

1. Have you voted for my recycled denim baby bibs which made it into the finals of the Ecouterre Gap Recycled Denim Challenge? Voting ends tomorrow and I would love you to vote for one of my very first Over It! creations if you would ever so kind... I'll owe you a coffee!!

2. Have you entered our GIVEAWAY? All you have to do is name the newest, natural soap made by Purely Natural Living which I have been lucky enough to use all week and you could win your very own. Entry closes tomorrow night.

3. Have you stopped past my facebook sale? There are Zip It headbands reduced to $8 and brooches from $8. There are girls T-shirts, Zip It hair ties and more.


  1. Love it, complete with their own storage and even a carry handle. My kind of display. Still love the demin ones too. Yay for recycling.

  2. love it, love it, love it !!!
    Good for you, hope they work really well at the market for you!

  3. Very good idea, cute *and* practical.

  4. Perrrrfect! I have one of those suitcase I may be able to use it better now :)Thanks for sharing the trick!x

  5. YOU are pure genious!! Love it!! I also saw on some blog some where...a little bench made out of a vintage suitcase!! That would be AWESOME seating...and maybe keep your customers looking longer!! HA!!

  6. Loving the pillowed ports (that's what we called them when we took these babies to school) Steph.
    Maybe you could sell them as well.... for other creative accessories lovers!
    Ally <'v'>