Sunday, October 10, 2010

Time For Some Refashioning...

I have to admit that Bubble is the easiest person to refashion for and I really must try some more refashioning for Bear and Moo. I promise I will try!

A recent trip to the Treasure Shop with Tina reignited the love for pillow case dresses. So with 2 very different pillow cases and some vintage trim I had lying around I got creating.

I added a doily to the neck line and I think it is the perfect addition to this pillow case.
I didn't have to shorten it in any way as it was a nice small case to begin with.

The chicken is trying to escape.

The colours in this pillow case suited her olive complexion too.

The 2nd dress was shortened as it was a standard case.
When I saw this I just had to have it!

I love it when she poses!

How perfect is this vintage trim with the dress!

The left over part I cut from the bottom was turned into a ruffle.

Once again the perfect addition to this lovely new summer dress.

Bubble you are completely spoilt my girl.


  1. This is great! And a complete coincidence as I am currently working on a pillow case top for myself using lace as the straps too.. we are on the same thought path! She looks fab, so cute, the first pillow case dress colour really does suit her

  2. I wish I was Bubble's size... totally cute and I love the first one best! That's my fave colour! Well one of them, but I am so loving that look Steph! You really are one in a million!

  3. I love the first one colours really pretty and bubble is just such a great little model!! x

  4. Very cute. Why can't I ever find good pillowcases like those?