Thursday, October 14, 2010

School Hair Ties For Point Clare Spring Fair...

Today I am working on my last minute projects, finishing off some yoyo hair ties which have been made some unwearable Point Clare school uniforms and reclaimed buttons. I predict these will sell very quickly.

Remember you'll find MooBear and Over It! at the Point Clare Spring Fair this Saturday the 16th Oct on Takari Ave, Point Clare.


  1. I love that red button!! Well I love anything red.

  2. have a great market, enjoy the day!

  3. Hey Steph. These look fun. I am trying to rally the troops to make things for our school fete as well. I may well use this idea.... I have a couple of uniforms that are no longer wearable as well.
    Have you thought of making Alice bands in the uniform check as well! Have you got enough time? You probably thought of this already.
    All the best for Saturday! Hurray!!
    Ally <'v'>

  4. Love your work :) Have fun on Sunday xx