Thursday, October 28, 2010

Purely Natural Living...GIVEAWAY!!

Today I have something very special and exciting to share with you all.

Yesterday Rebekah came over with a surprise new soap she has been working on just for me to try. She handed the bar to me and asked me to guess what was in it.

I had to think for a moment because my senses were telling me to eat it. There was a very strong citrus smell which was very familiar. I guessed lime but I knew it wasn't right.

It was lemon grass! Imagine that in a soap...

Today I used my lemon grass soap and I feel fresh and alert (although that could have been my coffee earlier hehe...) It also has an exfoliant which I thoroughly love as it makes me feel cleaner and fresher. My skin also feels softer too which I don't get from my normal soap as it dry's out my skin. I can't stop touching my arms and face they feel so smooth.

Carlos also tried it and he said it felt invigorating and his skin didn't come out dry either. He really liked the exfoliating action too. I didn't think he would because his skin is so soft but he proved me wrong!!

(do you like my photo? I took it all by myself)

What is in this bar of natural soap?

Coconut Oil

Palm Oil (the one used is certified maintaining sustainable farming practices)

Ground Pumice (For a gentle exfoliant)

A blend of Rosemary Essential Oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil, Cajeput Essential Oil & Peppermint Essential Oil (all Certified Organic)

o Rosemary Essential Oil – Considered on of the best tonic for the centrals nervous system, strengthening mental clarity & awareness

o Lemongrass Essential Oil – With its invigoration properties stimulate, revive & energies, useful for clearing the head and relieving fatigue.

o Cajeput Essential Oil – Helps clear thoughts & dissipates sluggish feelings.

o Peppermint Essential Oil – Helps people become clear headed and refreshes the spirits.

Now that's a lot of natural goodness packed into one little bar of soap.

Rebekah also wants me to name her new soap. No pressure hey! I have another bar of this soap which has your name on it if you can come up with a really great name for Rebekah to use for this one of a kind natural soap.

So the condition of entry is:

1. Only 1 entry per person so everything is even Steven's.

2. Pop over to Purely Natural Living and list any 3 ingredients from any of her products along with your chosen name for this bar of soap in one comment.

3. Leave a way for me contact you.

4. Entry is open to Australian residents only and is open until Nov 4th 2010 9pm AEST.

I can't wait to hear what names you have thought of.


  1. Living Lemon Grass Soap, Luscious Lemon Grass Soap, Heaven Sent Lemon Grass Soap, Essential Lemon Grass Soap, Lemon Grass Tonic, Lemon Grass Naturals, Alive Lemon Grass Soap, Serenity, Purely Lemon Grass (I have a thing with coming up with name it will consume me now I know lol) anyhow :-) I already follow, will add this to my side bar and the 3 random ingredients are....Goats Milk, Lavender and Lime. Thanks so much!! Ps Your pic is very effective.

  2. I have poped over and 3 ingredients are Grapefruit, Lemon and Lime, mmmm,

    I thought it was only one name so......

    Cleansing Lemongrass Butter Bar

    as it looks creaming and because it exfoliates, plus I love names that sound as good enough to eat as the soap does.


  3. Soothing naturals lemon grass soap.

    3 ingredients I found -
    Goats milk
    Hyaluronic Acid

    Can contact me at -

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  5. Rosehip Oil, Watermelon Oil, Quandong Extract

    Soothing Delight Cleansing Bar

    I love lemongrass and use it in my herbal products :)

  6. Rosemary, lemongrass and peppermint.

    Name: The essence of Australia

    You know where to find me on FB.

  7. Lemongrass is my favourite in soups or moisturisers!
    My 3 ingredients: lemongrass, coconut and goats milk
    And the name: Tropical Illusion

  8. 3 favourite things: Spearmint, goat's milk and lemongrass...

    I would call the soap: Lemonclass.


  9. Goats milk, coconut, Patchouli hmmm
    Fresh citrus bar
    Voila :)
    Great Pics too! x

  10. OPPS from the SECOND comment I see it is only one name - I thought one comment - so just choose whatever one you want to be the entry Thanks :-)