Monday, October 11, 2010

Point Clare Spring Fair...

You'll find MooBear and Over It! at the Point Claire Spring Fair this Saturday the 16th Oct on Takari Ave, Point Clare along with our friends Just Like Katie and rachelle rachelle.

It's going to be a jam packed family day with a lego expo, talent show, white elephant stall, handmade stalls, cakes, face painting, tin can ally and the author of Zac Power will be there too!

Team MooBear was also asked to help out with some of the events promotional items too. Feeling part of the Central Coast community we offered to design the events logo, banners and posters which you can see here.

I can not take the credit for this though as 99% of it was Carlos' doing. We worked on the ideas together but in the end Carlos is the one who sits at the computer bringing it all to life.

So you should really give him the Hi-5 the time.

So why not bring some friends, family or your neighbour along for the day and have some fun and meet the people behind our label MooBear and Over it!

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