Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pants Split? No Problems...

While my brother in law was here for 4 days during Bubble's birthday he split is shorts.

He asked Tina and I if we could fix them and we said "Yep, we sure can"

Tina patched up his shorts and while she did that I made him a new pair of boxers as he was in dyer need of some. Aren't I the best the sister in law?!

The boxers which you can see peeking over his shorts were made from some really soft scrap fabric while the...Umm... Cock was left over from a pillow case project.

Tina and I had a massive laugh about putting a 'rooster' on his bum!!

I am trying to keep it clean here but if you let your mind wonder into the cutter you can get very creative with this patch work!!

We had his permission to put the 'rooster' there... hehe


  1. ROFLMBO!!! Too funny. Good to see your brother has a good sense of humour, he might not be so keen to get his pants patched next time though.

  2. Happy Blogtoberfest! I am on a mission to comment and follow all the blogs in Blogtoberfest! Maybe you could comment and follow me as well! Cheers!

  3. very funnY Love the rooster, very cute, and love the boxers too! Cute, I like the way you have left the tear ' torn':)

    Keryn xx

  4. chuckle! Your bro-in-law obviously has a great sense of humour!

  5. Wow harry high pants there lol. I love how you've sewn over the pocket!! I can only imagine the laughs while making these