Sunday, October 17, 2010

Look What I Bought for $1...

The Point Clare Spring Fair was yesterday and it was... Well it was very, very windy!

I am lucky I have awesome market friends who bought tents with walls. I managed to fit perfectly in the middle of rachelle rachelle and Just Like Katie and for the rest of the day we took turns holding the tents down so we didn't blown away.

At the end of the day the white elephant stall was selling off everything for $1 a bag. As soon as the woman yelled out "Fill a bag for a dollar" I was there pulling out all fabric I had had my eye on since 8am.

This is what I had filled one bag with.

A lot of Chenille off cuts.
Some big some small.

Checked and stripped material off cuts.

They are all rectangular with one corner rounded...

I am thinking someone made a beautiful quilt from the chenille and fabric at some stage and these are all the left over pieces.

They are all so new and lovely that I might make a scrappy quilt.

I also picked up all these wonderful squares which no doubt were also used as a quilt and maybe these didn't quite make the final cut?

I am thinking a cot blanket although Bubble will be moving to a big bed sometime next year. They definitely need to be made into something very yummy!!

So what have you bought for a $1 lately?


  1. Nothing as good as you that's for sure!! What a great bargain. xx

  2. Wow you did well my little scrap lover xxx

  3. Oh all that for $1? lucky you! :) Love the chenille off cuts, such lovely soft colours!

  4. Holy catz girl!!! That is an AWESOME score!! Can't wait to see all of the goody-goodness you churn out with THAT stash!! :D

  5. I love your technique. Do a reconnaissance run first, make a mental note of what you crave for and nervously wait for the sale. It doesn't always work but all the more thrill when it does.

    Well I bought a bargain today. In fact I crept in under cover and bought it from right under your nose at Woy Woy. We drove from Sydney past Point Clair to Woy Woy to enjoy seafood with the pelicans at the Woy Woy fish cooperative. I love visiting Woy Woy, not only for the seafood but also because there are 4 charity shops within 60metres of each other.

    And there for just $1 at the Lifeline shop I found a copy of Enid Gilchrist's book "Play Clothes for 1-7 years" olds. I have some of my mother's Gilchrist books of children's and adult's clothes already. For those of you not familiar with this legendary Australian designer who died a couple of years ago and has her own Wikipedia entry here are 2 sites about her and her books:

    Her books sell for far more than $1 on Ebay and on Etsy and nothing sells for a mere $1.

    And yesterday I bought an ex library book in pretty good condition for $1. Its dust cover is almost perfect because it is under plastic. It is the published journal of the Port Arthur commandant in Tasmania in 1830s. It is a collector's book. I found one copy last night online for $59 so even if mine is half that I have a good buy.

  6. Such lovely fabric ! I bought an Ikea photo frame and altered it with some stitching