Friday, October 8, 2010

Introducing My Awesome Friend Tina!!

This is Tina.

I could tell you so much about this amazing woman. She has crafted so many things for my kids it's crazy! She is my inspiration and I love this girl to pieces. Our story is a little strange so I will give you the short version.

Tina and I 'officially' met on facebook. We both have a mutual friend Marla who if you ask any of our friends spends far to much time on facebook!! So Marla sends out a mass message about 2 and half years ago and in that message Tina mentions 'craft and sewing'.

The rest is pretty much history.

Marla, Tina, Brenda and I formed a private group on facebook because Tina lives in Melbourne and it was our way of reaching out and supporting one another. All 4 of us have been pregnant over the last 2 and a half years and the group was our place to go and ask each other for advice, recipes, a laugh or just be ourselves it was also some where to leave a message at 3am while our babies were up crying with colic.

Tina and I have met 3 times.

1st was at my baby shower for Bubble in Aug 2008 where we surprised both Marla and Brenda. They didn't know Tina had flown up especially! We have the whole thing on DVD.

2nd was shortly after at Marla's christmas party I believe. No surprises there just a great day with the friends you would rather call family.

3rd was Bubble's 2nd birthday party last week where we surprised Marla again and yep we also have it on DVD. This time Carlos and I flew Tina and her daughter here to help celebrate with us and what a celebration it was.

Basically Carlos and I have never been away from each other and the kids so it would be less traumatic to fly Tina here!! Not a bad compromise if you ask

Just thinking about the 4 day party brings a huge smile to my face. So needless to say Tina and I stayed up late chatting, crying, laughing and of course sewing.

Now the funny thing is that Tina and I actually went to high school together except I was in the year above her so I never had much to do with her. Now I have everything to do with her!! YAY.

Obviously there is a lot more to our 4 day birthday party but sometimes it's nice to keep an amazing memory between friends!! You know what I mean? So instead I would like to leave you with some very HOT and raunchy crocheting photos!!



  1. Babe! I love you so much! Keep an eye out in the mail...

  2. What a great story!! Friends are the BEST kind of happiness! :D