Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy Blogtoberfest and a Giveaway...

Happy 1st of Blogtoberfest!!

To celebrate this wonderful blogging event I am having a giveaway. Any excuse for a giveaway hehe...

Entry is simple. Just leave me a comment below about which is favourite and/or why it's favourite, what else you can see being recycled into a brooch and what you had for breakfast!! Just to make it interesting you know!!??

Entry is open world wide and closes on Thursday 14th Oct 4pm AEST.

So up for grabs is an Over It! recycled brooch. Of course knowing me I will be throwing in extras... So lucky you!!

One of a kind Zip It Brooch.

Circular denim brooch made from denim and fabric scraps.

(Rebekah's brooch to match her wedding dress and custom head piece)
Recycled fabric rose brooch

Denim Zip It brooch

Don't forget to call past CurlyPops blog for more Blogtoberfest Giveaways


  1. Lovin' the zipper rosette.
    You dedicated little blogger you!
    Will you have another giveaway for every day that you don't blog during Blogtober Fest? ; )

  2. Oooh
    I love the zipper Rose brooch!!! Great colours & textures.
    What else you can use....What about the packaging of vintage habby?
    Breakfast - very boring - I always have cereal!
    I look forward to blogging with you!

  3. I love the Circular denim brooch. I like its simplicity and think its more my style than the other brooches. Oh and I had porridge (or poodge as my 2 year old calls it) for breakfast! YUM!

  4. circular denim brooch is cute! b'fast was some rubbish healthy ceral while my soul craved pancakes. and maple syrup.

  5. zipper rosette for me too ! darling...
    i haven't had breakie yet! but probably raisin toast :))
    thx for this! way to go team moobear !!

  6. ooops ! forgot to suggest what else could be recycled ~
    how about glass pebbles?
    like the floral kind or ?...

  7. i think my favourite is the recycled fabric rose brooch. so cute!
    maybe recycled newspaper/magazines as a brooch?
    and i had a cinnamon donut for breakfast (yes i'm hanging my head in shame...)
    happy blogtoberfest!

  8. Oh my, how much do I love them all?! But I think my favourite is Zip It. I love the simplicity of it, the dimension, and the little bit of bite from those zipper teeth... ;-)

    What else could be recyled into brooches? Well, my son's soon due to move on to a new school, so I'll have a couple of redundant school ties. I'll probably pass them on to a younger child, but I reckon they could be made into something beautiful!

    Breakfast was 2 pieces of toast eaten on the way to taking my kids to school - a bite at every red traffic light.....!

  9. I love the zipper one!
    i think it so clever and I've never seen anything like it.
    LOVE it!
    Happy blogtoberfest!

  10. Very neat! I've never seen recycled brooches. I love the Zip-it one! What about recycled brooch of out funky shoelaces? That would be interesting. And I had a Diet Pepsi for breakfast. LOL, I'm so healthy.

  11. I had toast for breakfast.... and actually got to eat it!!!! i think that bibs could be re-used???
    i would have to say that i adore the Recycled fabric rose brooch i really do love it has a vintage feel :) xx

  12. My 4 daughters and I love the zip brooch - super cute and gorgeous :) we could see some really cool patterned socks being recycled into something funky! for brekkie I am having a slim shake because after having 7 kids I sure need it and don't have time to sit and eat it! maybe I should be eating it now whilst I am doing this....hmmmm your designs :) Naomi

  13. I cant believe what can be done with zips these days, Thats my fave. Thanks for the chance. P.S They are all lovely.

  14. I love the zipper one. Had crumpets for breakfast as I'm allergic to milk and I think you could recycle bottle top into cute little brooches.

  15. Oh my Steph you are a hard task master!!! My fave my far is the first one, the zipper flower & I love it because it's colourful & funky - what else could be made into a recylced brooch, well, who knows with you?! ANYTHING, and that's the beauty of it & of your creative genius... (sucking up gets me extra entries, right?!)

    Breaky - vegemite toast.... mmmmm... there's not much better! ;)

    Happy Blogtoberfest!

  16. Well you already know some of my fab ideas. For breakfast I had poached eggs on toast with avo! It rocked and if you want I can tell u my simple way of poaching eggs.

  17. Love your flowery zipper brooch... very festive and bright! Unlike my boring (but great for your heart) low fat museli with watery skim milk!!!

  18. LOVE the fabric rose brooch!!!!! I think puzzle peices would be a cool idea, and i had a banana bery smoothie for breakfast hehehe

  19. I love it ALL!! Of course. ;) When I marry again I want a beach wedding and you will make all of my flowers!! :D Ok, can I just come to your beach and you make me some pretty things??! Ummmm, choose...can't! You pick for me! How about some recycled VERY funky VINYL brooches??!! Shiny reds and blacks..or CLEAR seems to be the rage these days!! Make it so girl...hee hee!
    For breakfast...COFFEE!! Yum. that's it..all I need...LOTS of it! Have a good give away! xo

    Oh, are CRAZY to blog EVERYDAY...good luck with that too! :D

  20. I love the zipper brooch - great idea. I had toast with almond butter for breakfast. The things you could make into brooches are endless. Have you tried items from the hardware store?

  21. Ooo the fabric rose brooch is my fav because it's so girly and pretty.
    Hmmmm you could use one of the kids old stuff toys. I have my own it's head off, hot glue gun it to a pin and voila!! Stuff teddy brooch. Mwaahahahahaaha!!! ; )
    Breakfast? I had raisin toast today

  22. oh wow they are all so lovely! the zips are a fantastic idea! I saw old puzzle pieces used as a brooch once it looked VERY cute!
    ...and I had weetbix for breakfast!
    all the best with blogtoberfest!

  23. I love the denim zip it one. It is a bit unusual in shape and I like things a bit unusual :) I had two open sandwiches for breakfast. as for what else you could make a brooch out of, hmm... paperclips! but you might want to dress them up, but I'd actually love a BIG paperclip that has been wrapped in some funky fabric, it would be cool.

  24. Oooh - can't decide between the one of a kind zip it brooch and the denim circles ... hmmm... probably the zip it brooch as it's so unusual and just a little bit funky! As for recycling, what about those little bits of plastic coated wire that hold toys into boxes? It takes ages to get them off it's a shame just to throw them away after all that effort! And brekkie? Very healthy, untoasted muesli. Yum! love the blog by the way :)

  25. I love the fabric roses! Rustic and beautiful! I had cold cereal (frosted mini wheats) and milk.
    jltreasure at gmail

  26. Wow those are seriously cool, thanks for the giveaway - I headed over from Creative Spaces, and am inspired by what I see :)
    I love the zip it for its creativity but would likely get more use out of the demin one. I love recycled buttons for brooches :)
    And for brekkie - same as always: sultana bran, banana and yoghurt (all with toddler tax taken from them - you *have* to share), and a cup of fruit tea. Yummy.

    xxxx Sheryl

  27. Ooh! These are pretty! I love the top brooch best, the lovely green button and the colours do it for me! Breakfast was a raspberry smoothy with soy milk but dairy yoghurt?! I could see old electrical switches being used as brooches, like the plastic switch bit, especially older style ones... Thanks for hosting this fun giveaway!!

  28. Recycled Fabric Brooch just appealed to me most at first sight though i love them all :-) How about a bandana? checkout the madeit blog for a competetion on that. I had toast for breakfast @ 6.30am and a drink of water (exciting!!)

  29. I like the zipper brooches...they're just so fun and cute! I could see shoe laces being dyed and used in these kinds of crafts. Might be fun. And for breakfast...a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios, yum! ;)

    Thanks for a great giveaway!