Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Bubble Pt 3

I don't think you have officially met my niece Kelly. My little sister Genevieve was due to give birth on the same day as me... 26th Sept 2008.

How crazy is that?!!

Kelly was born 1 month early and Bubble was on time. While I was pregnant (and before I started blogging) I made 2 dresses for Bubble although I didn't know I was having a girl and just had my fingers crossed.

I used the Made By Rae pattern Itty Bitty Dress.

Bubble is on the left 1week old and Kelly is on the right 5 weeks old.

The red and white dress only fit Bubble for her first week of life outside my belly and I ended up giving it to Kelly with the purple and brown one!! Both were made from recycled fabrics...

SO... Here are the girls 2 years later!!

They are both tiny and petit and love each other to pieces!!

Both dresses were made for Bubble by Tina. She couldn't decide on which combo fabric so she opted for the best choice and made both!! While Kelly was here partying I couldn't resist putting her in the matching dress just like on the day they first met!!

Happy Birthday Bubble!


  1. These are lovely dresses, as are the lil girls who are wearing them.

  2. Sweet dresses for sweet little girls. They are just too cute! x

  3. Oh what gorgeous dresses and gorgeous girls!! All of them - then and now :)

  4. Stopped by to take a look at these sweet dresses! Cute girls and a cute blog to match! Have a great day!