Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Foo Fighters and See Sam...

I love the Foo Fighters.
If I could go to any concert in the whole wide world it would be Foo Fighters.

If I happen to be in the studio I am 99% of the time listening and singing along to Foo Fighters.

Carlos bought me the Blue Ray of their concert Live at Welmbley Stadium.

This was a massive concert with 165,000 tickets sold in 24 hours.

I can watch this in the comfort of my own home up close in full 1080P DTS HD with Dave Grohl singing right to me! To make things a little more realistic Carlos fills a spray bottle with water and when Dave shakes his head I get sprayed with sweat!!

The girls over at See Sam know how much I like the Foo Fighters and how much I love their dresses which are all made from recycled T-shirts and fabrics. So they made a dress in Bubble's size with a Foo Fighters shirt from 2005 and of course I bought it!

Bubble know's who the Foo Fighters are and is very impressed with her new dress. She is totally ready to rock out to Everlong.

She is also sporting another GemmaJoy headband... hehe

Carlos keeps grabbing Bubble and giving her kisses and giggling uncontrollably because she just looks so adorable in her dress.

Girls if you come across any New Order, The Clash, Queens of the Stone Age or Muse tee's give us a heads up!!


  1. Loving the Foo Fighters!! But if I find any New Order or Muse t-shirts I'm keeping 'em for myself, sorry... ;-)

  2. She looks so freakin adorable in this! Love that headband too.Thanks for the shout out :) And hahahahah on the sweat thing! Hilarious!!

  3. soooo stinkin' cute!! I'll keep you in mind, if I see any!! xo