Wednesday, October 6, 2010

DIY Birthday Fairy Tree...

We have a clothes line smack bang in the middle of out back yard so Tina came up with a great idea on the morning of Bubble's Party to turn it into a Fairy Tree!

I raced around finding every little and big piece of green material I had stashed away while Tina started on the giant pom poms.

We created a very inviting and shady interior.

With lots of things to keep young eyes busy.

The giant tissue paper pom poms are a must and when we finished with them the girls tied them to Moo's top bunk!!

Throw a few play mats, 'little people' and a basket of dress up under the Fairy Tree and you are set for a fun day ahead.

Note: If you do not want the giant pom poms being ripped to pieces put them slightly out of reach that way they will still have fun trying to touch them...Hehe.

So in the end our kids entertainment cost was nothing!! Everything we used was either recycled or had been used previously as well as found things around the studio. That means no cost to the environment too.

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