Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day 3... Happy Birthday Bubble Pt 1


I am running a little behind with my blogging because Bubble's birthday celebrations started on Friday 24th Sept (her actual birthday) and finished on Monday 27th. Her party was on the Saturday 25th and we had 13 people stay at our house that night so only now is my house resembling a home and not a bomb site.

I am going to share with you Bubble's wonderful weekend and the handmade goodies she was lucky enough to receive from friends and family over the next week... or how ever long it takes!!

This is the dress I made Bubble for her birthday.

My friend Tina sent a huge box of scraps and in it was the material she used to make Bubble this jacket. She is also wearing the jeans I made her and her new GemmaJoy headband from Brenda.

The back is all buttoned up.
I reused 5 orange buttons and hand sewed the button holes with orange thread. It looks really nice too. I am super happy with the result as I used a size 2 dress of Moo's. I might have to make some more I think.

She just makes to sun shine through the rainy clouds!!
Last year I made her a refashion birthday outfit.

Excuse the fence falling apart. The kids were playing soccer in the drive way.

Happy 2nd Birthday you crazy little girl!!

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  1. Happy belated birthday to your Sweetie; she is stylin' in her new birthday duds!

  2. Aww, cute! And she looks pretty happy about her dress. Happy Birthday to her :)

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bubble!! YAY!! TWO is FUN!! :D Steph...LOVE her outfit!! You done good, Momma! I get soooo excited when you make clothes, you need to do more of these dresses...soooo adorable!! Maybe change the neckline, but DEFINITELY keep the button back and Moo can sooo ROCK this look too! ;) So glad you had a great birthday weekend! I'll catch up soon!! xo

  4. Bubbles dress is auper adorable - what a great print... so happy!

  5. Happy Birthday!!!! What a lovely dress & especially special, reminds me of my mum sewing dresses when I was little. Looking forward to reading about Bubbles special weekend & sending Hugs. Jenn & co...

  6. she seems like such a happy soul. dress is beautiful, and you made her jeasn??!! wow, impressed

  7. OMG how did she get so big?? Happy Birthday Bubble, love the dress.

  8. Happy belated birthday little bubble!!She is so cute and all smiley :)You did a really nice job mamma Well done!x

  9. ahhh gorgeous!!! She's the happiest girl ever. Love you Bubble!!!