Friday, October 22, 2010

Boxers or Briefs?

That is todays question.

While Tina was here last month for Bubble's birthday we stayed up one night sewing. We had a few things to mend and a few new ideas to try out.

To be completely honest we could have sewn just about anything that night because it was the quality of time spent together not the quantity of things sewn that was special.

We ended up making Carlos and his brothers some boxers.

Anthony showed us his ones in dyer need of replacement so we took that project on board. The boxers closest are made from a pillow case and the scraps were also used to mend his pants where they split.

Starting from the left boxers made from scrap material from Tina's stash.
Boxers made from Jasmines last scrap material hand over.
Boxers made from the scrap material which made Bubble's jacket and birthday dress.

I foresee more boxers being made as Christmas presents!!